Yanno, bein’ hot stuff isn’t always just about the…hot stuff.

All kinds of things can be hot. And when you’re in love, it’s so often the little things.

What is something non-sexual that your partner does that really turns you on?
byu/LorryToTheFace inAskReddit

Here are just a few ways women might be doin’ it for their partners without even realizing it, courtesy of Reddit.

1. The straight face

Immediate straight face when she’s shocked/confused.

Always kills me.

– LittleMacAteBigMac

2. Playing with her hair

Her hair is super long and pretty and she’ll braid it while were watching tv or brushes it and i love it.

– sbashe5

3. The cozy hoodie

My ex would take my hoodies and wear them with her PJs.

Idk why, she would insist on MY hoodies and watching her bundle up on the couch all comfy cozy was just too adorable

– jrocbb

4. Gardening

She comes in the house all sweaty and covered in dirt, her hair a bit disheveled and she smells like wet earth.

Plus watching her bent over the vegetable garden gives me plenty of amazing views.

– kor_hookmaster

5. The night in

For me, it’s when my girlfriend puts in a lot of effort to have a comfy night in.

For her it’s apparently when I put my arm on the back of her seat to back up the car, or when I have to reach up high to grab something (back muscles, I guess?)

– Soulfighter56

6. Workin’ out

When she does physical work or workout.

She positively glows after and I wanna put the kids to bed or send them to grandma’s or just turn the tv on real loud…

– ShaoLimper

7. The tilt

She does this look where she slightly tilts her head and bites her lower lip and it drives me crazy.

– Abysmalmass

8. Bon appetit!

The sound she makes when she takes the first bite of a meal I made her. Dunno why, it just drives me nuts.

– 8andimpala

9. That smile…

When she just looks at me and smiles.

My fiancée is beyond beautiful to me, all the d**n time, and it doesn’t matter if she’s dressed to the nines or in her pyjamas with a sloppy ponytail, the second she smiles at me the rest of the world falls away!

My girls too hot, and I’m one lucky son of a b**ch to have her in my life.

– ReaverRogue

10. My clothes, your clothes

When my girlfriend wears any of my clothes. Idk what it is but f**k it drives me crazy.

She honestly has a better sense of style then I do and I love her in her outfits as well.

But the other night she was wearing my shorts and shirt and I just melted.

– kiwi1325

11. The blush

Playing with her hair and the way she hides her smile when I make her blush.

– thatguyoverthere947

12. Jiggles

The little butt jiggle when she’s putting on pants.

– LeakysBrother

13. The new look

She recently got glasses, and I love when she wears them. Also got a new job where the uniform looks like a barista uniform, and I really love seeing her in it

– little-b**tard-man

14. Deep clean

Wife’s got a pretty juicy butt and when she cleans around the house I get a free show.

– bigpapahugetim3

15. Just messin’ with ya

The way she says “yeah?” after messing with me sometimes. We were friends for years before we dated and I’ve always teased her and I’ve done it so much more since we got together.

The first time she seriously messed with me she made me feel so bad about a joke I made. I thought she was seriously hurt by it and I was almost in tears I felt so bad. She started laughing and said she was just f**king with me. I said something like that was cruel and she said “yeah?” With so much satisfaction and self-pride combined with the most smug smile I’ve ever seen.

If she wasn’t driving I would have thrown myself on her right then. She does it the same way every time and it melts me more and more every time

– N8DuhGr8


I know this will be weird but I love it when my woman starts talking s**t when she plays online games it’s biggest turn on for me she can even talk s**t to me and it’ll turn me on.

– Nooblover420

17. The ritual

If I walk behind her and DON’T grab her butt, she clears her throat in mock disgust, and I must go back for a quick makeout session to make things right.

– Looking4clues_C-137

18. Goodminton

My girlfriend always tells me that she gets turned on watching me play badminton.

Guess who’s never going to stop playing badminton now?

– t**tyf**k_00

19. The caveman

When she comes back home all sweaty from working out in her leotards.

Her: “Ewww, I must smell horrible!”

Me: “Sniff…sniff… I smell woman. Me want woman, NOW!”

– xenosthemutant

20. I pinch

She crab walks (like a defensive slide while opening and closing her hands like claws) in and out of rooms sometimes when it’s just the two of us.

– yungjaquellus

21. The inner child

Acting childish.

We were at Disneyland and I was recording our surrounding and she came bunny hopping into view and starting posing funnily for the camera.

Not really a turn on but something I absolutely adore about her.

– MisterSpreadEm

22. Yes, sir!

She always tells me “You’re the boss!”, although, or more probably because, she knows I won’t take advantage of it.

– mellow_eldritch

23. Focus up

When she’s real focused on something and she bites her fingernails.

– cyainanotherlifebro

24. Morning glory

When I wake up in the morning, and I see her looking at me…

Then she smiles…

Married 31 years and she still amazes me – I am a lucky man.

– daishomaster

25. First blush

Okay hear me out.. Her laugh and her blushing…. I don’t know what it is.

– ballisticpotat0

26. In the hood

When she steals my plain grey hoodies.

Seriously i have no clue why but seeing her in one of those oversized hoodies never fails to put me in the mood and or bring a smile to my face .

– Teyrnon815

27. Being *almost* naked

Panties and a tank top, or just shorts and a tank top. Knowing that one barely there layer of clothing is all that’s hiding the goods.

My girl doesn’t understand. I tell her its like christmas when you’re unwrapping that “one gift” you wanted. The paper is torn and you know by the size, shape and heft thats one thin layer separates you from total joy.

Of course you know what it is. Of course its already yours….but not quite yet!

– Advent_Reaper

28. Snap a pic

Her right after a workout or her post workout selfies cause she knows I love it.

– HorrorNet9710

29. Let’s jam

When she dances and sings along to my music in the passenger seat

– kimchi003

30. Hypothetically speaking

Knowing she might exist one day turns me on so much

– SnooHobbies5910

Oh yeah. That’s the stuff.

What’s something your partner does that always gets you going?

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