As someone who is approaching the age of 35 a bit more rapidly than I’m comfortable with, this list really hits home with me.

It’s not that I’m nervous about ageing, per say, it’s just that I, like so many other Millennials, feel that the life path that was expected of me just never really came to fruition, and am thus unsure what can be considered success as I move into this next chapter.

Lucky for me, the internet is full of helpful folks to tell me via tweet exactly what I need to get done in the next few years. Let’s get started.

14. The chair

Oh, y’all got bedroom chair money? I see how it is.

13. The recursive drives

Or, if you’re like me, you spent an entire weekend reorganizing and cataloging it all because you’re a party animal.

12. Holding on

No one knows what they’re doing.

11. So close!

But the movies you REALLY wanna watch will still be $20.

10. Save ’em away

I’m totally gonna learn how to discern these real soon.

9. A toast to you

That’s been our big plan all along.

8. The hang

It’s never gonna happen. Just let it go.

7. I’ve been framed

It’s exactly what he would want from you.

6. Prepare to die

It’s gonna happen.

5. The Trader

It’s the circle of life.

4. Few times I been around that track

And it IS just gonna happen like that.

3. The bean

It’s just how it goes.

2. The perfect fit

These were not designed to be handled by mortals.

1. Fork you

Could just get rid of it. But then the fork wins…

Hope that helps you all get on the road to success!

What do you think should be done by age 35?

Tell us in the comments.