You need something to brighten your day? Butter your biscuits? Give a dollar to your…nephews?

Whatever odd idiom you prefer for things that make other things seem better, we’re here to help you achieve your goals. Because today we’ve got tweets. Good old fashioned, glorious tweets that are just gonna make you laugh.

That’s all. Enjoy.

14. Muppets after dark

Hey does anybody know how I could maybe unsee something?

13. I say neigh

We’re not still doing that, are we?
ARE we?

12. Baby shark

Do do do do do do

11. Call Me Maybe?

I remember making jokes about this like it was yesterday.
I don’t like having this knowledge.

10. Our lawyers are standing by

I was very much born without my consent.

9. The big twist

I have something similar – whenever someone turns on The Masked Singer I put a plastic bag over my head.

8. The chill zone

Hey man, I can dig it.

7. A true monster

Now you’re gonna EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC of Moana and you’re gonna LIKE IT.

6. Spooky scary skeletons

Send shivers down your spine!

5. The system is down

But why DID you leave the keys upon the table?

4. Don’t it yourself

Yeah, you read that right.

3. Express delivery

If something should happen to us I stand to lose a lot.

2. Here piggy, piggy

What in the actual heck is happening right about here?

1. Drink up

If you’re gonna get a hangover now, you’d better clear the day for it.

Well, consider my day brightened.

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