If you’re still getting over some kind of sting of rejection, you may not want to scroll any further on this particular page.

‘Cause things are about to get brutal.

Even the secondhand brutality of looking over these dismissive missives might leave a literal mark on your face, if not your soul.

So, proceed with caution as we delve into the scarring screenshots.

15. Jack s**t

You’re not getting a present anymore, so take that.

14. Drink up

I hope to God these kids are in high school, otherwise…

13. Hey no!

At least she’s enthusiastic about it.

12. Jack again

These Jacks just aren’t getting any luck.

11. The final assignment

I am not now, nor have I ever been, nor shall I ever be hungry.

10. Never gonna dance again

So much forced laughter that’s definitely not really happening.

9. No

Short, sweet, and absolutely to the point.

8. Hah yup

Oh cool, so now I got rejected AND roped myself into free labor.

7. Super cool

I am in a perpetual state of busy. Scientists have studied me about it, it’s really quite something.

6. Do the math

Something here definitely isn’t adding up.

5. Mall walkers

Wait, who the heck still has a mall in their town?

4. Wait, what?

Lucy pls.

3. Sick of it

I’m not promoting you, I’m telling you you’re fired.

2. Brock

What kind of weird game is this, Brock?

1. Ur funny

But you know…that special kind of funny.

Yup, definitely gonna leave a mark.

What’s the most brutal rejection you’ve ever been a part of?

Tell us in the comments.