Are you an “extremely online” type of person? If you’re here, the answer is probably yet. If you tried to yell “yes” at your screen, then the answer is you desperately need to go outside.

But no worries, a lot of us are very online, and we have a bit of a refined if not insane taste for what we find funny on this here internet.

We hope this selection of tweets will do your brain good, oh great surveyor of all things interwebs.

15. The tweet catchers

“Maybe I should switch my account to private.”

14. Then and now

How it started vs. whatever this is.

13. Teenage dream

Sure I’m in my 30’s, what of it?

12. You don’t know me

These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

11. Plan C

C for crab. Get it?

10. The voice within

Sounds like the plot to a kinda bad kinda good movie.

9. Sing it out

This is what anti-vaxxers sound like.

8. Stay hidden, fam

I don’t need all of y’all knowing my business quite to that extent.

7. On this day

Honestly, the audacity of it all.

6. The truth comes out

Great. Now I have to order chipotle. Thanks a lot, twitter.

5. Broo

Sure you’ve been high, but have you ever been this high?

4. Searching for answers

Ok, you wanna play these games?

3. Supa hot fire

My name is Ben and I’m here to say
I’ve got social anxiety in a major way

2. What a steal!

What’s it gonna take to get you into this alibi today?

1. Glasses down

This is how you know things are getting serious.

That’s probably enough online for today.

On a scale from 1-10 how online would you say that you are?

Tell us in the comments.