There’s a certain public figure who’s got my goad for the last, oh I don’t know, several years. I won’t say their name because first of all I’m tired of it and second of all I’d probably mess up the algorithm or something.

You can easily guess who I’m talking about or swap in your own annoyance of choice. But the reason I bring this up is that one of the things that has returned to my head about this person over and over again is that not only are they a liar, they’re not even a good liar.

It’s one thing to watch someone be taken in by a silver-tongued deceiver. It’s another thing to just watch a dummy say clearly untrue stuff as clumsily as possible and get away with it. Which is what some internet heroes were trying to put a stop to in these wonderful examples of liars getting caught via Reddit.

15. Expect the unexpecting

What exactly are you trying to pull here, Nick?

Yes, Nick, you did
byu/Im_a_mermaid_owo inquityourbullshit

14. Stick to it

The cringe is strong with this one.

Woman claims to have found a message from a fan at the beach, is still holding the stick she used to draw it in her hand
byu/LucinaWario inquityourbullshit

13. Lush kush

You um…you might want to go to the hospital, honestly.

Smoking ‘weed’.
byu/thesweetescape101 inquityourbullshit

12. A work of art

Yeah, don’t do this, you’re gonna get caught.

I really don’t get why people lie about art. like it is so easy to reverse search
byu/Jadimod inquityourbullshit

11. What’s old, pussycat?

This is like one of the most famous comedy bits of my generation, what are you doing?

John Mulaney stole this guy’s thing!
by inquityourbullshit

10. Brandnew

Press X to doubt.

No coming back from this one.
byu/Axwe8 inquityourbullshit

9. “Rural”

As someone who drives through the midwest routinely, I assure you that huge swaths of America are in fact fields and grasslands.

That’s a LITTLE misleading
byu/jaytix1 inquityourbullshit

8. Backyard bargains

Good thing she didn’t have to hike far.

Going hiking
byu/QuirkyWolfie inquityourbullshit

7. I Am That I Am

Maybe their point was that “Am” isn’t conventionally used on its own, but you can take that prescriptivist lingual nonsense elsewhere.

“Please stop using it”
byu/Bq22_ inquityourbullshit

6. The few, the proud

Turns out that the US military understands the important of not letting disease spread through its troops.

Antivaxxer claims to be a Marine despite the US military vaccine requirements.
by inquityourbullshit

5. Bet you can’t

Come on, at LEAST block your mom from the post when you make it.

Excuuuuuse me
byu/Swaggiest_swaggster inquityourbullshit

4. Truck you

Are you a time traveler?

Maybe OP is from the future.
byu/HelloIAmKelly inquityourbullshit

3. No reason

Usually when someone claims people are mad at them for “no reason,” they are very much lying.

Absolutely no reason.
byu/Kotsira inquityourbullshit

2. Ugly pregnant and balding

Can we talk about projection for a minute?

Reposting because I forgot to hide the names (bully pretends he was the victim)
byu/bhumb13 inquityourbullshit

1. Hail Satan

And his official Twitter account, I guess.

Uh oh
byu/thenonking inquityourbullshit

Just stop lying, y’all. Cut it all the way out.

What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever been caught in?

Tell us in the comments.