According to Wikipedia, “butterflies in the stomach” is a physical phenomenon which can be summarized thusly:

“The physical sensation in humans of a ‘fluttery’ feeling in the stomach, caused by a reduction of blood flow to the organ.

This is as a result of the release of adrenaline in the fight-or-flight response, which causes increased heart rate and blood pressure, consequently sending more blood to the muscles.”

In other words, you get so nervous your body breaks.

Boys, what do girls do that gives you butterflies?
byu/Mrllukell inAskReddit

So what body-breaking bits and bobs can girls do to guys in the most pleasant way?

Let’s see what the boys of Reddit had to say.

1. Say my name.

Saying my name in casual conversation, followed by a smile.

It just feels so personal and makes me blush a little.

– cycle2

2. Snuggle up.

More of a thing when you’re in a relationship, but when they snuggle up with a blanket and you can only really see their head, that sh*t is ridiculous

– -3than

3. The neck.

When I’m sat down and a girl runs her hand across my neck when she leaves.

– SolomonKhalifa

4. The hair.

If I’m seeing a girl and she runs her hand through my hair I become powerless

– Leptoxulon

5. The hairSTYLE.

That hairstyle where they tie front parts back leaving two stringy bits in front of their face and leave the back down

– David_13710

6. Smiles.

When she smiles.

She doesn’t have it in her to smile often, but when she does it’s just the most beautiful thing I’ve seen.

I’ll strive, I’ll do anything I can to get her to smile. Gives me butterflies every single time

– mfreels08

7. Attention.

When they put their arm around me or even talk to me

– inspiringnoone27

8. Lean on me.

Leaning against me, absolutely one of my favorite feelings.

– Laiskis100

9. The hugs.

When you’re sat down and she comes and gives you a hug from behind and rests her chin on your trap muscle, and you can feel her hair on your neck and shoulders, and the warmth of her skin, and just her general tenderness

– FaceFirst23

10. The palm.

My gf always takes my hand and runs her finger through my palm (sort of In The Nightgarden style lmao) and IT KILLS ME – and tickles a bit too

– DiscountDjura

11. Spoonin’.

Let me be little spoon..

– TNH_Nightingale

12. So subtle.

When she puts the stray hair strands behind her ears, subtle lip bites, giggles.

– Ambafanasuli

13. The lap.

I love it when I’m sitting on the couch and she sits in my lap or leans against me and gives me a really long tight hug.

It melts me.

– GrainyGuernica

14. Hey wait…

One time this girl planted flowers in my backyard and suddenly I had tons of butterflies.

– Witness-Worldly

15. Ok then!

Biting the lip… makes me go brrrrrrrrrrnnnnyaaaaaaaaa

– Jesus_and_me

Yup. That. All of that.

What would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments.

Thanks, fam!