If you’ve ever been into horoscopes or other forms of personality divination, you’ve probably come across descriptions along the lines of “you’re often shy and reserved around new people, but when trust is established, can be very open and vulnerable.”

It’s the kind of description most people would agree with because it describes…well, it describes how friendship works. It’s less an examination of you personally and more a generalization of how humans tick. Truth is everybody’s got some friendly and some shy in ’em.

But many of us know that we spend far more time on the shy side. And these memes are for us.

15. Party down

That’s me in the corner
That’s me in the spotlight
Losing my one real friend I came here with

14. Lucky you

Well, that seals the deal.

13. Red alert

Don’t say anything, don’t make eye contact, just back away slowly.

12. That’s the deal

It’s gonna be another long hard road but you can make it.

11. Stress eating

Well this is just me all the time constantly.

10. By the numbers

If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad.

9. Dissociation

Goodbye, banal world.

8. Peachy keen

The best kind of truths are the simple ones.

7. Hide and seek

Am I not turtley enough to join the turtle club?

6. The moment of truth

I’ll take a super salad.

5. Get outta my yard

And keep a six foot distance at all times.

4. Practice makes perfect

It’s not yet ready for prime time.

3. Training montage

And then it takes all of five minutes.

2. Alone by choice

Just let me live my life.

1. Say it proud

Finally, he speaks.

Well, that’s enough socializing for me today.

How much of an introvert or extrovert are you?

Tell us in the comments.