You’ve been searching for something your entire life, and until this moment, you didn’t even know what it was.

But you do now, because it’s this. Or rather, these.

These memes are going to finally give you a sense of fulfillment. We promise. Read on.

15. It’s just a prank bro

I once helped my friend look for his glasses while *I* was wearing them.
He was not pleased.

14. Why tho

Truly one of the greatest minds in history.

13. Bye, Felecia

Do we still need to cling on to that phrase?

12. Wretched foul gremlin

I literally cannot imagine voluntarily keeping such a loud animal in my house.

11. Frog bod

Go ahead and google it to learn more.

10. Beep! Beep!

I’m not lovin’ it.

9. Jacked up

Crazy how nature do dat.

8. More than meets the eye

Who made this and also why and also how.

7. Let the games begin!

Before Netflix times were pretty desperate.

6. Now that’s fresh

Just a normal saturday of plant murder.

5. I’m 40% powerful!

Bite my shiny metal…

4. Taco bout it

Ok but something is way off about the scale, that thing looks to be about four inches wide.

3. The four stages

Is fish.

2. Bon appetit!

He’s comin’ for your garbage.

1. Strange happenings

A moment of silence for any rational people living around Sedona, AZ.

You are now fulfilled. You’re welcome.

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