If you’re at work right now (and by that we mean, if you work at an actual workplace of some kind and not behind a screen in your own home), you might want to proceed with caution here.

These are boss memes. By which we mean that they’re very good, but by which we also mean that they are literally about bosses.

And they’re not the kind of things you actually say to yours.

So yanno. Laugh covertly.

15. Over and out

You have no idea how to do my job but thanks for the tip!

14. No sick days

Ah, America.

13. The big dream

Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime, that’s why I poop on company time.

12. One last thing

We’re gonna need to go ahead and take that Oscar back.

11. Hilarious!

Oh man, have you tried stand up? Because you should really totally do stand up.

10. A quick list

“Can I go?”
“Yeah. First just-”
“So the word you were looking for was ‘no.'”

9. Promises made

Promises kept?

8. Check, mate

I said I value you, not that I value you highly.

7. Look busy

If you got time to lean, you got time to clean the dessert.

6. You got it

Omg have you tried improv? Cause you should totally do improv.

5. A quick note

This will be neither quick nor painless.

4. Send in the clowns

Isn’t it strange…isn’t it queer…losing my bonus this late…in my career…

3. The knowing look

Tbh we do all sometimes get paid to do nothing.

2. See ya!

Rules are rules and time is time.

1. Sinister plans

Nah man, you take that guy back.

Ok, you can get back to work now, or whatever it was you were really doing.

Who’s the worst boss you ever had?

Tell us the tale in the comments.