Have you gone around the globe yet to see the seven wonders of the ancient world or whatever? Probably not because that’s crazy expensive and I’m pretty sure a lot of them are gone.

Seems like a pretty teasing system to have all these wonders talked up to us so much when they’re so inaccessible, yanno? That’s why I propose a new system. Let’s just find some interesting internet pictures and call THEM wonders of the world, that way they can be shared far and wide and accessed easily by all.

We’ll start with these from Reddit. They seem pretty weird.

15. The Mantis Nest

Well that’s a semi-adorable little piece of nope right there.

Had a Praying Mantis nest hatch by my front door!
byu/emoats83 inmildlyinteresting

14. The Poo Horror

They walk among us – do not be fooled.

This bird poo looks like some limbless horror figure
by inmildlyinteresting

13. The Easy Rider

This immediately feels like it would not work.

Found my old cell phone with optional clip on chatboard for ‘easy’ texting
byu/ontbijtkoek inmildlyinteresting

12. The Snake of Goodwill

It’s like a reverse Garden of Eden situation.

Saw a live snake in the local Goodwill store
byu/DammitPardus inmildlyinteresting

11. The Golden Edge

I didn’t even know such a thing was real…the stuff of legends.

Found an edgepiece in my bag of Goldfish
byu/dj_mumbles inmildlyinteresting

10. The Cat of No

In spirit, this is what all cats are telling us.

My aunts cat has the word no circled in his fur pattern.
byu/04SHADOWRIDER inmildlyinteresting

9. The Button Woman

She doesn’t look too happy about getting her picture taken.

There’s an old woman’s face in my belly button
byu/taykaybo inmildlyinteresting

8. The Dobby Grave

I can’t tell if this is creepy or cute.

Dobby’s fan-made grave in the precise location of the film!
byu/my-bug-world inmildlyinteresting

7. Cicada Cicada

It’s life imitating art imitating life.

This cicada on my cicada tattoo
byu/thisismyttcacct inmildlyinteresting

6. The Straight Banana

I’m not saying anything, because it would just get erased by my editor.

This unusually straight banana
byu/SacredSlang inmildlyinteresting

5. The Sedan Gang

What are they here for? What doom do they portend?

The white sedan gang at my apartment parking garage
byu/BeanL inmildlyinteresting

4. Bleeding Hearts

Make that an emo album cover and watch the money roll in.

The blood from my cut made a heart shape on my band aid
byu/Canadian_Bread inmildlyinteresting

3. The Hotlines

How much do you think each one paid for that?

[deleted by user]
by inmildlyinteresting

2. Meals to Go

Like, REALLY go.

My local supermarket is selling airplane food because nobody is flying
byu/Euronymous316 inmildlyinteresting

1. Smol Frog

If there were a plague of these, it might not be so bad.

This morning I found by far the smallest frog I have ever seen in my entire life (my average-sized fingernail for scale)
byu/okgodlemmehaveit inmildlyinteresting

What a whirlwind of a tour!

What would you nominate to be a new wonder of the world?

Tell us in the comments.