I try not to be the type of person who begrudges people for liking what they like, but I gotta say there’s a serious disadvantage to being one of the only dudes I know who doesn’t care about sports.

First of all, everyone assumes I do, which leaves me in awkward situations. Secondly, we build just about every metaphor around sports, and I don’t know what we’re talking about half the time.

We even compare love and dating to sports. Level of physical activity? That’s rounding the bases. Or scoring. And the person you’re playing with sure better be in your “league,” however that works.

Personally, I think leagues are overrated. But let’s see what some anonymous posters have to say about it.

10. The friendzone zone

“I thought he was way out of my league.”

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9. Straight up

You really never know what someone might be thinking.

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8. The set up

Go out with her? I would guess?

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7. Looking back

Everybody thinks that, come on now.

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6. A good minute

Wait, am I getting old? Is “LOML” a thing or just a typo? Send help.

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5. Fwb

Sounds like maybe you’d like to have a little bit more.

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4. Dropping dead

You never know. You NEVER know.

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3. Criss-cross

This is why the whole mode of thinking is overrated and overemphasised.

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2. Incredibly talented

In what area, exactly?

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1. Maybe not

Just wait and see what life has to throw your way.

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Play on, players. Play on.

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