I once dated a “trust fund baby.” Though to be fair, she wasn’t a baby, and she pretty well defied all the stereotypes that you might associate with that.

She came from a wealthy family and when we met we were both in college, with her having all her living expenses covered so long as she was studying.

Still, she was ambitious and hard-working, even taking part time jobs at restaurants and drugs stores to earn her own money when the family funding was so easily accessible. I always admired her for that – I was extremely over-busy in college and probably would never have taken a job had I not had to.

But this isn’t everyone’s experience with a trust fund. Here are a few anonymous stories from women.

10. Making ends meet

“Are we doomed to fail with these feelings of mine?”

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9. Father knows best

Is his dad from the 19th century?

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8. Lazy bones

Why is that a secret, though?

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7. The big conflict

Marriage is a condition of the fund? Dicey.

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6. To be happy and loved

It’s weird to not really know what work is.

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5. Sleep the day away

Kinda the dream for all parents tho tbh.

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4. Beginning of the end

Money does, in fact, change people quite often.

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3. Stealth wealth

Well, that’s good to hear!

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2. Frugal times

The truth is a lot of people are wealthy specifically because they refuse to ever spend money on anything.

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1. Messed up

An understandable impulse, but ya’ll will never be happy with that.

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Well, I trust that illustrates the point.

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