It’s gotta be tough to run a successful restaurant. The loan amount you have to take out just to get things rolling has to be pretty intimidating, and then you gotta stand out, not just with good food but prices to match, excellent service, and innovation.

The restaurants on this list (gathered from Reddit) are really hitting that last bit hard, and they’ve got some ideas that any restaurant might be smart to emulate. Let’s look at a few.

15. This novel charging station

Charge ports are pretty common, but an outdoor solution is clever.

This restaurant I went to has solar-powered phone chargers built into the umbrellas.
byu/liberianprince inmildlyinteresting

14. This choice of handles

The mind games at play here are simply brilliant.

This restaurant bathroom has two different handles depending on if you washed your hands
byu/RockinJack18 inmildlyinteresting

13. Before and after soaps

What kind of clean do you want to have?

This restaurant has two different types of soaps for pre and post meal
byu/aritee inmildlyinteresting

12. This clever table

When that’s the patio the good Lord gave you, you gotta adapt.

After transitioning to outdoor dining, this restaurant got picnic tables made to conform to the angle of the sidewalk.
byu/tronpalmer inmildlyinteresting

11. These mask envelopes

Surprised I haven’t seen these around more.

Restaurant I went to gave envelopes for keeping our masks clean
byu/vivianhctan inmildlyinteresting

10. This QR menu cube

I feel like this is the McGuffin for some super hero movie.

This restaurant’s QR menus are made out of scrap cedar
byu/egjosu inmildlyinteresting

9. These bowling tables

Just remember to have a tip to spare.

All of the tables in this restaurant are made out of reclaimed bowling alley lanes.
byu/rseery inmildlyinteresting

8. This server call button

No more ambiguity or waiting around!

This restaurant has buttons to alert your server
byu/b3arlad inmildlyinteresting

7. This ingenious kid’s menu

For the pickiest eaters in the universe.

The name of the items kids menu at the restaurant i went to today.
byu/dsardella18 inmildlyinteresting

6. This “kitchen six”

I feel like they might be getting a little too drunk back there.

This restaurant that allows you to buy a round for the kitchen staff.
byu/Aerionne inmildlyinteresting

5. These branded ice cubes

I love this a little more than I maybe should.

These branded ice cubes at Masaharu Morimoto’s restaurant.
byu/pdfleck inmildlyinteresting

4. This cold bar


The bar I’m sitting at has a cold metal bar to keep your drinks cold.
byu/badwolfbay10 inmildlyinteresting

3. This chef mirror

You can really see the food in action.

This restaurant has an angled mirror over the chefs so you can see an overhead view
byu/DrawThatRedstone inmildlyinteresting

2. These recycled glasses


A local restaurant makes cups from their used wine bottles.
by inmildlyinteresting

1. This swing table

For the kid and grownup in you.

this restaurant has a table with swings
byu/D3rF3lx inmildlyinteresting

Now I’m hungry and in the mood for fun!

What’s your favorite restaurant and why?

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