When you’re in a relationship, communication is absolutely key.

…is what every single human says before proceeding to absolutely never communicate and find new and inventive ways to sulk and repress their feelings while getting ever-angrier at their partners for not knowing why. It’s a fun game.

And like any game, this one has its breakthrough players. The ones that really change the standards. The ones who take us to new heights. And then tweet about it.

15. The Sandwich

Dang kid, where are you buying a $15 grilled cheese?

14. Making the Grade

Just seeing this red ink gave me all kinds of flashbacks.

13. The Milestones

Hint hint wink wink nudge nudge.

12. Water, Water Everywhere

I gather your husband doesn’t have a great knack for testing things.

11. Crank it Down


10. The Silent Treatment

For both you and your phone.

9. Lashing Out

What kind of monster…

8. The Scrape

These are the things that really drive us apart.

7. The Vile Vial

That’s literally never going to go away so I hope you’re good with an eternal feud.

6. Bean Things

Ok, Satan.

5. Bon Appetit

That’s the way to do it.

4. Playing a Different Tune

Now the algorithm doesn’t know WHAT to do.

3. Remote Viewings

LOL, he thought he could move on.

2. Playin’ Around

This is a great and super simple prank.

1. Feeling Unfulfilled

No special delivery for you.

In the game of pettiness, we salute all of you. You’re doing God’s work.

What’s the pettiest thing you’ve done lately?

Tell us in the comments.