It’s a classic trope: the movie protagonist wakes up with gum in their hair, a call comes in from the office, “Hey I know it’s your day off, but there’s been an emergency – we need you here NOW! Oh, and, bring coffee.”

“How could this morning get any worse?” they sarcastically muse.

And then there’s a thunder crack or the ceiling falls in or something.

But it doesn’t JUST happen in movies:

What’s a “Today is going to suck” red flag?
byu/redmambo_no6 inAskReddit

The people of Reddit know a red flag when they see one.

1. Double down.

“So we’re all going to have to double our efforts.”

– storybookscoundrel

2. Getting a head.

Waking up with a huge headache

– LiberateMyBananas

3. Nice try.

When you go to take a shower and you come out feeling worse than when you went in.

– almost_a_person

4. Very specific problems.

Wake up to dogs growling at the back door at 3am.

Someone stole my table and lawn chairs.

They were in the process of trying to undo the bicycle lock to steal my lawnmower when I woke up.

– WaYaADisi1

5. Gonna be a cold one.

When the first thing you hear upon waking up is drivers spinning their tires in the snow/ice.

– PM_MeYourSmilingFace

6. Gonna be a HOT one.

Forgetting to put the carafe back in the coffee machine after filling the reservoir and brewing a nice, hot pot of coffee all over the kitchen counter and floor.

Only once, never again.

– GMaimneds

7. Squabbles.

Waking up and listen to your parents fighting over something stupid

– batmans_apprentice

8. Back to the pack.

POV: You’re in sixth grade, you missed the bus and your mom yelled at you all morning.

you finally get into the car and leave for school. About halfway there, you feel like you’re forgetting something.

Your backpack is missing.

This’ll be a h*ll of a ride. – _reeses_pieces_

9. Inconvenient timing.

Running late, leaving the house, then suddenly having to poop.

– [User Deleted]

10. Wakey wakey.

Waking up with a body part asleep

– Chrissyspeaks

11. The whole caboodle.

When everything you do goes wrong: toothbrush brakes, toast gets burnt, shoe lace breaks, button comes of your shirt, that kind of stuff…

– KittyPitty

12. Your call is important to us.

On hold for an hour and told to leave a callback number so I don’t have to wait in a queue.

Get the callback an hour later and get told I am next in line.

Stay on hold for another hour only to have someone pick up and immediately hang up on me.

Not a great start, but that means there is ample room for improvement.

– shroom2021

13. The talk.

It’s 7:15 am and my wife says “hey…I need to talk to you for a min”.

– BSoDinventor

14. Hanging out.

When you have a hangover that could kill a yak.

– onlysmokereg

15. The nightmare.

Using the bathroom and you p*ss all over the place.

Then you realize you didn’t get out of bed.

– safeword-is-harder

Don’t forget the classic “waking up thinking you have hours left to sleep but your alarm is going to go off in one minute.”

What else would you add to this list?

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