There’s something about sex that just seems to make us all nervous.

Even though we spend huge chunks of our lives pursuing it, consciously or subconsciously, once we’re doing the deed we often feel like we’re getting it wrong, which leads to a lot of anxiety.

What do girls want guys to say during sex?
byu/whambamshangalan inAskReddit

So my fellow dudes, be nervous no longer.

Here are some explicit tips from the ladies of Reddit.

1. Silence isn’t golden.

It depends entirely on the relationship. But as a general, we don’t want you to be a silent jackhammering machine.

We want noise too- moans or cussing, etc.

– AnonymousDifficulty

2. It’s the simple things.

Hey, Nothing wrong with “you’re so hot” or “you feel so good.”

– aimeed72

3. Repay in kind.

You know those sounds you like to hear from your GF when yer doing a good job?

The male version of those noises works for her.

– Chameleon777

4. Express yourself.

You don’t need to say anything, just express that she’s making you feel good.

It isn’t weird for guys to moan, in fact for many women it’s a huge turn on.

I personally like it when my partner moans “f*ck” or “oh my god” etc because I enjoy pleasuring him.

Any kind of positive feedback is great.

– Mochimant

5. Say anything.

Anything not performative.

You wanna moan, moan. You wanna say F*CK OMG, say it. But don’t fake it.

We can tell

– amid-the-noise

6. Live loud.

“I don’t care if the neighbors hear you, I love how loud you get when you c*m!”

– Gerryislandgirl

7. Bruh?

“Bruh” at increasing volume.

– LitMaster11

8. Spell it out.

I like my guys to let me know that they’re enjoying themselves just as much as I am.

I like it when they moan, let some expletives slip, or say my name, and I even like it when they tell me what they’re about to do to me next. ?

– HotWifeZoe

9. Good girls?

I like being told I’m a good girl during bl*w jobs.

But everybody has different preferences.

– catkittenmosquito

10. Bad girls?

I’m the opposite.

I’d rather you call me a filthy slut and tell me I don’t deserve the d*ck.

– BigMomSloppers

11. Some like it hot.

Tell me how hot you find me.

– BeeswithWifi

12. Go prequel-style.

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise?

– PicturesqueCow

13. Hey wait a minute…

“Should have used a serious tag on your post about what I’m supposed to be saying right now”

– stlmick

14. Ok, internet.

“You can play with my lego Millennium Falcon”

– robotlasagna

15. That’s enough of that.

“I made you the sole beneficiary of my life insurance in case you f*ck me to death”

– Hardcore_EHS

Maybe not all of those were 100% helpful, but hopefully some of them were.

What do you like to hear during sex?

Tell us in the comments.