Isn’t it a shame when you come across someone who seems great, right up until they’re not?

Perhaps that is why our greatest poet, Lizzo, once said “Why men great ’till they gotta be great?”

What is one trait that could turns someone from a 10 to a 5?
byu/PARADlSE inAskReddit

Of course, these kinds of turn-offs don’t just apply to the romance world. They can wreck relationships in all areas of life, as these Reddit posts confirm.

1. Being involved in pyramid schemes

A friend invited me to lunch once and I noticed she was asking me a bunch of personal questions about my life – am I happy in my job & relationships, is there anything I want to change, do I create goals etc.

Then out of nowhere she pulled out a brochure and offered me 24 half hour life coaching sessions for $4,000. For the past 6 months she’d been involved in life coach training (clearly a pyramid scheme) where she attended lectures all across the US from this expert life coach of how to set yourself up with a coaching business.

This girl was the total opposite of someone who had their s**t together and I could tell she was sucked in by false promises of fortune & wealth. I wasn’t attracted to her in the first place but after that lunch I started to feel repulsion.

– schaumann

2. Littering

My SIL’s boyfriend litters and it makes me want to stuff all the trash he’s ever thrown on the ground down his throat.

– b**chcatsandtequila

3. Playing victim

my older sister is like that. You can’t have anything remotely bad happen to you because it’s happened 10x worse to her.

It’s gotten to the point that I probably only see her once a year. I mean, that’s the tip of the iceberg to the reasons tho

– Chickeneggsandlegs

4. Being needlessly mean

I invited a friend that I knew for few years to a party at my house. I always know he’s kinda awkward but I never have a problem with that. Until he started talking s**t about other friends of mine (hippies), saying they were weird as f**k. Without even trying to get to know them.

I’m not sure if I’ll invite him to hangout after that

– NICD_03

5. Bad hygiene

Yea, found a total hotty.

We made out and her mouth just smelled f**king awful. I get that we had dinner several hours previously, but that s**t reeked of dirty a** tongue.

– trianscape

6. Being overly controlling

You would hate my mother.

My paternal grandfather died last week and she tried to organize the entire funeral even though she was merely a bystander.

You can imagine how that went.

– ZippyVonBoom

7. Chewing with their mouth open

On one of my first dates with my now husband, back in 2001, he said “could you please chew with your mouth closed?”

I was mortified. And kinda angry that my parents never really taught me better (I was 19). You can bet I have chewed with my mouth closed every day since then.

Now neither of us can really stand to eat with my mother though …

– atxtopdx

8. Outrageous religious beliefs

Not like believing prayer works or going to church on Sunday, but something outrageous.

Like believing QR codes are Satanic images and that every time someone uses one, The Devil takes a piece of their soul.

– KazumaWillKiryu

9. Poor communication


Me: *adding a few drops of miracle grow to plants*

Partner: Hey the plants were already watered

Me: i know, I’m just giving them some nutrients with miracle grow.

Partner: Stop watering them, I already did that.

Me: it’s miracle grow, not water

Partner: But I already watered them.

Me: It’s not water

Partner: Dude, I said stop watering them!

Me: *internal screaming*

– Cat_hoodie

10. Harassing

Someone who thinks harassing other people is funny or someone who is a huge d**k to retail and fast food workers.

Takes you below a 0 in my opinion

– dumpsterfire1998

11. Gross bathrooms

Yeah when I was single if I was talking to a guy and went to their house, if they didn’t have a clean bathroom it was pretty much over.

I can understand being a little messy and not cleaning up for yourself – but if you’re not going to clean your apartment up for a guest coming over who’s a girl that might f**k you then that’s a real problem. That just tells me that you don’t give a s**t about anything or anyone.

– littleprettypaws

12. Flaw pointing

When you have just met, and they start pointing out your flaws/negatives according to them.

They don’t like the hair, or the dress/make-up or make fun of what we do.

– beautiful_salad101

13. Social media obsession

I dated this girl who once literally sulked our entire night out because her phone died and she wouldn’t be able to post pics to her story all night.

She moped and moped until I finally gave up and asked if she wanted to leave.

We couldn’t do ANYTHING without her documenting every moment. Even just laying around watching a movie had to be an Instagram post. Make a new purchase? Instagram post. Scramble some eggs? Instagram post. Someone honked at her at a red light? F**king Instagram post. It was exhausting.

I could understand maybe wanting to capture memories, or even if she was getting an income from her posts. But her sole purpose was to make sure other people knew what she was doing and how “amazing” her life was, and give her constant validation.

She would even post things that she wasn’t even doing. For example, I was cooking dinner one day and she took a pic of all the ingredients laid out with the caption “Starving! what could I make with this?” Even though she had absolutely no intention of helping whatsoever. After the food was done, she of course took a pic with the caption “figured it out ?‍?”

We had a huge argument over this once and she denied every bit of it. I challenged her not to post to her story during our trip to San Juan and she had a full-blown f**king conniption. Like literally screaming and crying. Calling me unsupportive, jealous, judgmental, negative, and threatened to break up with me.

That girl was not right in the head. In hindsight, I can see she clearly had severe self esteem issues, and social media validation was her coping mechanism.

– dyam

14. Hating kids/pets

Friendship wise, If you dislike pets or kids to an extreme degree.

I can understand maybe not wanting them (I would like to have kids but not pets) but if you’re constantly complaining about them and/or throwing insults at them, It’s really weird.

– _JaNJaN_

15. Smoking cigarettes

It took me forever to quit, and I know how hard it is, but I made the effort and I did it.

It’s just not attractive anymore when others did it because I know how much better it is after.

– foxsable

So just, yanno, stay away from all those things and you’ll be golden.

What else would you add to this list?

Tell us in the comments.