Not to date this post too much, but at the time of writing I’m smack dab in the long waiting period between Loki Season 1 and the announced Loki Season 2 and I’m just about angry about it. I gotta know what happens next!

And a large part of exactly why that’s so urgently important is the show’s star, Tom Hiddleston. It’s interesting to reflect on the fact that back in the day, there were headlines about Marvel taking a “gamble” casting “unknown actors” in the upcoming Thor project. Of course, both Hiddleston and Hemsworth had been building careers up to that point, but I think it’s safe to say that “gamble” took off, as they are now both – maybe especially Hiddleston – overwhelmingly beloved celebrities.

So for anyone who just can’t get enough, here are a few great tweets from his collection.

15. New Office

How cool must it be to work on Broadway?

14. The Tease

Back before the show had premiered.

13. 36

“On we go.” I like that outlook quite a lot.

12. Skull Island

Really a sort of hidden gem of a movie.

11. Kitty Cats

Man, I grew up watching Jack Hanna!

10. Feel the Bern

Only the top 1% of pictures are this cool.

9. The Ice Bucket Challenge

Remember when that was all the rage? Some jiggery pokery indeed.

8. Stand in the light

Lookin’ majestic AF.

7. Welcome, Buddy

This is when RDJ finally decided to join Twitter.

6. A breath of freedom

He sure does seem to love running.

5. The one million mark

Celebrating those internet milestones.

4. Loki Down Under

What a beautiful place.

3. Spread the love

Wise words indeed.

2. Pulpy and hilarious

Thank you?

1. The THREE million mark

And at the time of writing, it’s expanded past four.

Thanks for all the great memories, Tom! Here’s to many more!

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