Everybody loves a good tweet. Especially when that single tweet makes you do a double take. Goes in a direction you weren’t expecting. Subverts all you’ve ever known and replaces it with a paradigm shift the likes of which your feed has never seen.

That’s what these tweets are like. I think. I’m not entirely sure what “paradigm” actually means.

15. Water under the bridge

Public health is just so important, you guys.

14. I’m on board

Alright nana, settle down now.

13. On the other hand

If you read too fast you might just miss it whizzing by.

12. Something’s in the air

Can you paint with all the colors of this burn?

11. No bones about it

Yeah yeah, I know my rights.

10. Give it a rest

It’s really vital to have goals you can stick to.

9. Where’s the fire?

Bosses are just so up tight, am I right?

8. Chill

We have some kind of legal confidentiality between us, yeah?

7. Oh deer me

There are two wolves inside you. They are both gonna eat ya.

6. Now hear this

The next Chucky movie is gonna be weird.

5. Merry men

The hood giveth and the hood taketh away.

4. Buried deep

We kinda brought…all of this on ourselves.

3. Never ever

You say that like you’ve been tricked before.


2. Getting in

This is truly my big break!

1. End of sentence


Now if you scroll back up and look at those again you’ll have to do second second takes and that’s like four takes for the price of one so what are you waiting for?

Who are the funniest people on Twitter right now?

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