Today we’ve got a collection of tweets which, though they may look ordinary on the surface, are actually containers of near-infinite wisdom if you’re willing to look hard enough.

We’re going to be peeling back the layers of that wisdom, so get ready to received some tips that will make you better at everything.

Twitter, do your thing.

15. Context is key

Ah yes, the stuff of nightmares.

14. Brevity is the soul of wit

And the key to get literally anyone to listen to anything you have to say.

13. Consider the future

There’s a lot that might happen you need to be prepared for.

12. Reframing is crucial

We gotta know how to sell people their own doom.

11. Variety is the spice of life

Why not really spice up someone’s day?

10. Self-defense is crucial

Even when it’s not really necessary.

9. There is no normal

And with that, we find our liberation at long last.

8. Learn to multitask

For instance, right now I’m working out at the gym AND lying to you.

7. Do your parenting drills

They will come in handy eventually.

6. Follow the itinerary

We paid for this trip and by god we’re gonna enjoy it.

5. Pronunciation makes a world of difference

And time changes everything.

4. Your desires are valid

Though inadvisable to act upon.

3. Keep things positive

Unless of course you’re an adult.

2. Disease prevention is on all of us

ESPECIALLY time travelers.

1. Consider your arguments

It might turn out you’re a big ol’ dummy.

With tips like that, you’ll be winning life in no time.

What other tips would you like to share with the class?

Tell us in the comments.