They say that if you laugh, the whole world laughs with you. This is a lie, of course, usually when I’m laughing I can’t even get my best friends to agree that the dumb thing I’m cackling at is funny, but whatever, I’m having fun and that’s all that matters.

If you’d like to laugh today, regardless of how much the world might want to get involved, look no further than this collection of wonderful tweets, which will tickle your funny bones and maybe even the rest of your skeleton too.

As nobody’s ever said ever, let’s get to the chuckle station.

15. Holy ghost

Man I did NOT read the fine print before getting myself into this.

14. It’s a sign

Took me a secont to realize exactly how this was done.

13. Fin

Get it? Because old movies and stuff. And also because fish.

12. High quality stuff

True story – back when I was a barista I didn’t even drink coffee.
I was useless.

11. Death to all of them

You can see the look on her face like “Oh man. My brain’s about to get me sued.”

10. Get on it

Every time I think I’m done seeing this guy, I’m wrong.

9. The Twilight years

If you’ve lived that long and you still find yourself romantically compatible with a high schooler – yikes.

8. The career girl

I’m not a clerk – I’m a sandwich artist.

7. The fun pose

Will you never rest
Fighting the battle of “Who Could Care Less”

6. Defining an era

That hair tho.


This is like living in an actual nightmare.

4. See through your lies

False advertising, bruh.

3. To the Max

Oh cool, it’s this crap again.

2. Shy away

Introverts really do be gettin’ away with everything.

1. Wait, what?

I’m going to need you to unsay this.

Hear that? It’s the world laughing along, at long last.

Who are your favorite funny people to follow on Twitter?

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