Look, it’s gotta be hard running a restaurant. There’s all kinds of expenses, city codes to keep up on, staff to train, and on top of all that, you gotta make good food at an affordable price.

So how does a restaurant stand out in a way that won’t break the bank?

Simple: use cups that aren’t cups. That’s what the places these Redditors visited opted to do.

Here are just a few of their creations.

15. A lamp

There had better be a genie in there.

Just unscrew this every time you want to drink..
byu/ikeagoddess100 inwewantcups

14. A toilet

How is this so gross and so elegant at the same time?

Rose latte at a toilet-themed cafe in Seoul
byu/ButteryCats inwewantcups

13. A garden pot

…is that even a cocktail of just a flower with a straw in it?

Cocktail in a garden pot
byu/serenitynoow inWeWantPlates

12. An ornament

Somebody’s gonna cut their mouth on glass, bruh.

I guess there is technically a glass, the drink just isn’t in it.
byu/Cmixoops inwewantcups

11. A…planter?

A snowglobe? A science experiment? I really don’t know.

Just found this sub. Had this crazy thing in Toronto.
byu/Snugbun7 inwewantcups

10. An IV bag

To prepare you for your epic hangover.

“ER margarita” served in an IV bag
byu/set_fire_to_yourmom inwewantcups

9. A bag in a box

Just…*sigh*…just put it in a cup, man.

I mean, come on man. This is getting out of hand.
byu/A_The_Great inwewantcups

8. A dog bowl

Thanks. Very dignified. So glad I chose this place for a first date.

Only wanted some extra ice for my drink
byu/redtryer inwewantcups

7. A pouch

It’s dangerous to go alone – take this.

A friend ordered a cocktail and got it in a pouch
byu/BoomSkinnyBone inwewantcups

6. A leg

That’s all. Just…a leg.

It must be Italian!!!
byu/beanzilla83 inwewantcups

5. A pumpkin

This spice trend is getting out of hand.

4. A leather bag

Bet that tastes pretty weird.

I was served my drink in a leather bag
byu/sheyneanderson inwewantcups

3. A shoe

No. Gross. Try again.

High Heel = High Class
byu/TurtleInTraining inwewantcups

2. A plastic rock

What, are the real ones too expensive?

Why using a cup when you can drink from a (plastic) rock?
byu/ReddoByakko inwewantcups

1. A sauce bowl

I’m gonna dip my chicken tenders in this wine cooler.

Thought this cocktail was a sauce for my food at first
byu/GorillaTrainer inwewantcups

I don’t know what to say to any of that. Just…get cups. They’re cheap. They’re simple. They work. CUPS.

What’s the weirdest restaurant you’ve ever been to?

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