Sometimes, you wanna do, and so you prepare to be doing a do, but then you don’t, because reason.

You know what I mean?

Maybe this Reddit user put it better:

What was your biggest “well now I don’t want to do it” moment?
byu/Z00W33M4M4fk inAskReddit

So what makes you not do the do you were gonna do?

Let’s take a look at what Redditors said!

1. A rock and a hard place.

While I was at a jeweler’s shop buying my ex-girlfriend’s engagement ring, she called and was screaming at me for having got the wrong kind of pot roast for a dinner we were hosting.

I stood there, listening to her scream and cuss me out and decided I didn’t want to do this for the rest of my life.

Happily married now to a woman that is way chill and never screams at me on the phone.

– BawlzMcGrady

2. Bounce back.

About 10 years ago I was asked to visit a client in a country I wasn’t too sure about.

Not a problem though, I’ll just check the security advice first, if that’s OK.

That advice was “When checking in to your hotel, ensure you have an inward facing room to minimize the risk of ricochet”.

Err, you can find someone else to go see that client, thanks all the same.

– xPositor

3. I’m getting to it.

As a kid, everytime you’re just about to say “thank you” and then your mother feels the need to jump in and ask you: “what do you say?”

– Ordinary-Reaction519

4. Private lives.

Whenever my wife changes something up in her looks and we are out with friends there is always that one friend who has to specifically comes over and makes a show asking me “OMG don’t you just think she’s so beautiful? Why don’t you tell her how beautiful she is?!”

To which I want to say “Of course I do, do you think we wait for your presence to have affectionate loving moments? F*ck off, I don’t need your help to be a good partner.”

I just leave it at “yes, of course I do” though.

– pjwalen

5. Negative reinforcement.

coming out of my room to socialize with family/guests only to have get a comment like “look who came out of his cave for once!”

look who’s about to go right back in it

– SinkTube

6. Word by word.


I like reading but the moment my mom/a teacher tells me to read I just don’t feel like it anymore.

– Prestigious_Active57

7. Sorry not sorry.

When you say sorry and they say you better be, never wanted to take back my sorry so bad

– UpHopes

8. Clean up your act.

Trying to push through depression and start cleaning the house and people talk to you like an idiot.

I only clean when no one is home now.

– Here_to_troll_

9. The long and short of it.

I was 16, with a very short ‘boy’ hair cut that I’d had since I was 5.

I was asked to be bridesmaid for my brother. Was always a tomboy.

I expressed some concerns about how my hair would look with the fancy garlands that the bride was planning for us to wear as I thought I’d look silly.

Was told ‘well you’ll just have to grow your hair, then’ …..I’m OUT.

I’m in my fifties now, I have to this day, never been a bridesmaid.

– EmmaNovela2017

10. The contrarian.

When I was younger, all those times I was thinking “you know what, I’m finally going to get around to (x)”

And then as soon as I get up and I’m about to do it, either my mom or dad would say “hey Et0x1s, how about you do (x) now”

And then I’m infuriated and am no longer in the mood to do (x)

– Et0x1s

11. Excuse me?

When I start a sentence and I’m immediately interrupted for no real reason then they’ll have the nerve to ask what I was saying.

– mckfm1

12. Oh, neat.

“When you go back to school it’ll just be you in a classroom and the teachers teach on zoom”

Basically we go back into school but just to do the same thing we did at home… but with a higher risk at covid

– KennysWhiteSoxHat

13. I’M GONNA!

When I’m planning on doing something and someone tells me to do it before I can.

There is no way to prove you were going to do it before they asked you and it annoys the sh*t out of me.

This is mostly work related.

– CaffeineJunkee

14. Awash.

I always, without fail, wash the dishes every night.

My mother knows this but always feels the need to tell me and I get frustrated because I always do it without her asking.

Edit: I have an older brother (21) who simply WON’T do housework.

– DemonTango

15. Too pricey.

“It literally costs you nothing to share this”

– solaaaris

Remember, keep being petty out there!

What thing will make you stop doing a thing?

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