As stigmas around sexuality slowly continue to fall away, a lot of people are faced with interesting questions.

Left with a broader permission to explore and be honest with themselves – do they find that they more or less match what’s expected of them, or do they find that something a little different is happening?

Check out these real anonymously-submitted secrets around women who find that – what do you know – I’m actually drawn to other women.

17. How to tell?

I guess just use those words, maybe?

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16. It’s not linear

Sexuality is complicated, yo.

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15. Split intentions

Wow, that’s quite a situation.

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14. The age gap

Ok but like how old are YOU?

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13. Welcome home

This probably won’t end well.

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12. Hit the switch

All work and no play makes us dull.

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11. Loved forever

How do you resist?

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10. Getting ahead

I don’t find that at all surprising.

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9. Secret’s out

Well, are you gonna tell her?

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8. Open window

Kinda sounds like they’re trying to get caught.

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7. Sinners and saints

Do tell.

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6. Plain affection

It’s heartbreaking when you hit that kind of imbalance.

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5. Parenthood

Well I guess that’s about as simple as it gets.

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4. Torrid

Now there’s a word you just don’t hear enough.

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3. Hit the split

Uh oh.

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2. Curious

You never know what you might find.

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1. Getting schooled

That sounds a little yikes.

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Remember – love is complicated. Sex is complicated. Just try to be good to each other.

What kind of confessions do you have to submit?

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