Isn’t it time we all took a minute to celebrate Father’s Day?

The answer is almost certainly no – it’s probably not Father’s Day as you’re reading this.

But shouldn’t EVERY day be Father’s Day?

Again, no, that would be very confusing and would exhaust the world’s supply of ties and books about WWII dangerously quickly.

Better play it safe and celebrate more a of a medium amount with these real posts about real dads.

19. Facies

They’re staring because he’s an innovator, leave the man alone.

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18. Like father like son

What are you, looking for recommendations?

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17. The dark one

Ok but you appreciated the chocolate though, right?

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16. So challenging

Remember, use protection unless you wanna deal with this sort of thing.

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15. Vibe check

He’s learning. He’s evolving. He’s becoming one of us.

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14. Baby, oh

There’s more to this story and I need to know it pretty badly.

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13. What a ride

Why, what’s the big deal?

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12. The straight and narrow

At the next light, turn gay.

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11. Swift moves

Anything to perk up the ones you love.

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10. Getting ink

Are they both Calvins peeing on stuff?

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9. Tool time!

And all the kids at school were like “Who?”

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8. Hook up

Just a dad looking out for his own.

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7. Party on

Funny how life turns the tables on you sometimes.

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6. Three’s a crowd

How to confuse a doctor very quickly.

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5. He’s evolving

“Thanks that was very funny but I still don’t understand how any of it works.”

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4. You good?

It’s just that these lyrics speak to my soul, that’s all.

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3. You da bomb

Well that’s a lot of money down the drain right there.

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2. Sir Albert

Ok you two behave, now. No PDA.

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1. Tag, you’re it

Oh cool, weird embarrassment.

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Yeah, dads are pretty great. If I’m ever a dad, I’ll be so nervous. I mean, how do you choose the four jokes you’ll repeat for the rest of your life? It’s a decision I really don’t want to screw up.

What’s your dad like?

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