You’ve got a quiet house and some time before work, a hot cup of coffee in your hand…what else could be better to start a day off right?

Well, I’m glad you asked, because I think the answer is these 24 memes – you can keep scrolling and scrolling and I honestly think you’ll get to the end before you find one that doesn’t hit just right.

Get going and see if I’m wrong or right, and have fun!

24. I think we can all agree these are the best kind of drunks.

But idk I’m 40 now and getting drunk comes with too steep a cost.

23. You shouldn’t even have to ask this question.

You’re an adult have all the wine you want.

22. Turns out your mom is a liar.

You CAN have your cake and eat it, too.

21. And also so you know he’s not going to cook.

You know once you have kids you have to pretend to care about shit like preservatives and nutrition.

20. Why is this happening?

What good can come of it, I ask you?

19. I mean it’s right there on the sign, kid!

This is just hilarious. Morbid, but hilarious.

18. This feels right.

Some of us really can’t do everything.

17. Instant, painful nostalgia.

And guess what? Your parents did not care.

16. I definitely need to keep this handy for Facebook.

Sorry not sorry, Aunt Karen.

15. Someone has been listening at doors.

He’s going to write a book one day and it’s not gonna be pretty.

14. Let me tell you, it doesn’t get any better, either.

And then the Advil stops working…

13. Being an adult is dang hard sometimes, right?

Maybe have the beer and call in sick just once in a while.

12. Also when you start seeing things in your doodles.

You know you didn’t MEAN to draw a tornado.

11. That’s a Dad Joke if I’ve ever seen one.

Please, never show this to my father.

10. This is so accurate it hurts.

Same when you open your phone’s camera and it is pointing toward you.

9. This just cracked me up.

It’s such a solid joke.

8. Why would we want to go and get responsible now?

We’re eating pizza rolls as adults, know your audience.

7. Hahahahahaa I would have thought the same thing.

I should have tweeted it first!

6. Perfect caption is perfect.

And so is her face!

5. Oh but clearly it does.

What a very good boy!

4. Eggs have gotten complicated.

But somehow chickens are being treated worse?

3. That’s a solid life philosophy right there.

I would know.

2. Oh my god no maybe they’re just night birds.

Spoiler alert: they are never night birds.

1. Well I mean otherwise what’s the point of telling a story?

You have to make it interesting!

Well, what did you think? Did they enhance your morning routine? I sure hope so!

If you loved these memes, tell us in the comments which was your favorite, and remember to come back another day for more!