I can remember times in my life where I have been beyond obnoxious because somewhere along the line it got planted in my head that if I liked a girl and she wasn’t interested, I just had to keep going until she was, somehow.

I cringe when I think back on those younger days now. It’s downright bizarre how little most guys in our society have been brought up to recognize the true thoughts and feelings of the women around them.

And little moments like these, while they certainly don’t fix it all, can serve as vital wake up calls if we’re willing to pay attention.

25. The kid question

Just stop doing this, across the board. There’s literally nothing good that can come of it.


24. The eye’s have it

“If your right eye causes you to stumble, pluck it out and throw it away from you.” – Matthew 5:29, World English Translation

23. Genuine question

Do you seriously mean to tell me I’m not the center of everyone’s universe?

22. Really digging in

Hey, fair enough.

21. Key insights

I remember the first time a female friend told me about this and I was horrified.

20. Basic empathy

Learn the difference between incidents and epidemics.

19. How rude

I think if I were graded on the scale of expected female friendliness I’d be thought of as the meanest a** who ever lived.


18. Pure logic

When I was a kid I got thirsty and screamed like I was being murdered for half an hour in a crowded mall.


17. Chairman of the bored

Look at that flex tho.

16. You shot your shot

This is exactly what I’m talking about.


15. Shifting the blame

Way to dad, dudes.

14. Down with the ship

Children first, sure, but why the rest of it?

13. Decisions, decisions

Don’t get mad at the symptoms before you’ve taken a second to understand the disease.

12. Reverse!

Not everybody needs you to save them. Get that bread.

11. Across state lines

Ok but for serious tho.

10. It’s fine, period

Honestly guys, grow up. Yeah human bodies are weird as heck but we all got ’em.


9. “Boys will be boys”

This is a cause I firmly believe in.

8. Oh come on

Learn to find solutions for both of ya’ll.


7. Braided together

Don’t pull this on people who work for you, leave them be.

6. Mansplain

It’s all fun and games until you devastate yourself like this.

5. Passing the bar

Are we just belittling for fun?


4. The shame game

Just don’t.

3. The double standard

All jokes aside it’s really sickening.

2. Just talking

I dunno man, what were you saying before?

1. Very mature

I never heard either but I get it.

Time to wake up and have a stretch, fellas.

What other observations would you add?

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