The entire internet is basically just an insanely complicated network of wires and servers allowing people to ping responses back and forth to each other at the speed of light.

And every once in a while, you can fish out a few of those responses and hang them on the wall like trophies because they’re amazing.

Like these ones here.

29. Swing and a miss

What a weird way to try to hit things off.

28. Shout it out loud

This is technically correct, the best kind of correct.

27. Don’t be a sheep

I’m sure a virus will find you very intimidating and just stay away.

26. Planting evidence

This is, famously, kind of a big deal for God.

11. Boy oh boy

What’s in a name anyway?

25. Wearing me out

It’s a bold move advertising to everyone around you that you don’t take plagues seriously.

24. Meat cute

The restaurant is literally named after the dish they sell, Karen.

23. The who and the Y

Believe it or not, genetics are slightly more complicated than that grid you looked at once in high school.

22. Absolutely sunk

Gotta hand it to this one.

21. World-renown

This is why I laugh every time someone talks about America being “respected again.”

20. Ah yes, the two genders

I’ll bet you all the money I have that the next response included the word “trigger.”

19. Turn, turn, turn

Just think of all the savings!

18. Go for the gold

More than I’ve ever done, that’s for sure.

17. Spot the faker

It’s not generally hard.

16. Virtue signalling

Look man, I don’t know why this is news either, but let’s just be happy for each other.

15. Shoot your shot

Imagine telling someone not to take their medicine.

14. tHe eLiTe

“Elitist” is a term used by one camp of rich people to attack another camp of rich people and hope you won’t notice.

13. The 100

Well now I feel like I should maybe check this show out.

12. Mask up

Insane how everybody became an expert in the field of face cloth overnight out of nowhere.

11. Very special research

The tweet to which this was a reply has been deleted now but you can imagine what it said.

10. Opening up

You know what she meant, but this is the correct response regardless.

9. Don’t stop me now

I say this as a white people, but wtf white people.

8. Solar power

You know how winter doesn’t mean that photons go away?
I’m genuinely asking, Jim. DID you know that?

7. All hail

The number of takes like this that I’ve seen are just stunning.

6. Loud and clear

“Seriously, get the shot, don’t be dumb.” – God, probably

5. Either/or

Just say what’s in your heart and stop dancing around it.

4. Show some respect

There’s just no need for rudeness.

3. To put it charitably

This happened and yet somehow we never talk about it.

2. Visions of the future

Investing in an atmosphere of pure resentment is a surefire plan.

1. “Room temperature IQ”

Hey, it’s true.

Fire through and through.

What’s the best response you’ve heard to something recently?

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