Let’s get something out of the way right at the top – obviously these posts don’t speak for everyone.

It’s a small sample size of a hugely diverse group of people and we shouldn’t let folks speak for anyone but themselves.

That said, if you, like me, are a cis person who’s curious about the trans experience, these anonymous posts about the current dating world can be really enlightening.

Let’s listen up.

11. “There’s not even a middle ground.”

Seriously? Nothing so-so out there? Wow.

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10. “Kept me away from dating.”

That sounds awful.

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9. #InsecuritiesSuck

We all have them, but I gotta imagine this is a situation that’s an absolute breeding ground for that kind of thing.

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8. “Seriously sucks.”

“They aren’t serious yet, but who knows.”

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7. “Either great or awful.”

I’m sensing a pattern here.

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6. “Both madly in love.”

That’s wonderful, congrats!

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5. “Even though I’m terrified…”

“I just want to be seen as a normal woman and respected by men.”

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4. “So many idiots.”

You got that backwards, ya’ll.

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3. “As soon as they find out…”

This, too, seems to be a recurring theme.

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2. “I’m a man.”

You really can simplify your equation there.

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1. “My girlfriend will be tortured.”

People have still yet to learn to live and let live.

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Everybody’s journey is different, what’s important is that we give each other the respect and dignity that each human deserves.

What’s your personal dating experience been like these days?

Tell us about it in the comments.