There’s a lot of confusion about polyamory out there, so for starters, let’s just grab a basic definition from those smarties at Oxford:

“the practice of engaging in multiple romantic (and typically sexual) relationships, with the consent of all the people involved.”

You’ll probably notice that that describes a sort of general principle rather than one specific relationship or arrangement, so it’s no surprise that what a polyamorous relationship means is going to vary a lot from person to person.

Let’s look at one very specific slice of that pie: people who are engaged to be married to one person, and are still involved / hoping to get involved with other people. These anonymous contributions reveal the story.

10. “People are upset”

It’s your life, you can do with it what you want.

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9. “A poly relationship is amazing”

It’s the best of both worlds?

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8. “Can’t match my drive”

Just make sure you stay on the road.

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7. “Literally impossible”

Nothing’s impossible if you put your mind to it.

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6. “I’m still iffy about it”

It’s definitely an unusual situation.

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5. “Trying to decide if it’s for me”

Does it feel like a knot you’re trying to untangle?

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4. “I don’t know…”

What are you afraid they might say?

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3. “I’ve been told…”

Well, you sure showed them.

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2. “Due on the same day”

What a fascinating birthday party it will be.

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1. “It’s all about honesty”

Yeah, I suppose it would have to be.

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Whatever makes you happy!

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