Are you tired of there being, like, more than two companies in the world? Then you should consider adding the latest offering from a tech giant attempting to swallow up yet another corner of the market and try Facebook dating. At least, I assume that’s why most people are doing it. Either than or they want to like, meet people and have fun and find fulfilling lives. But I’m *pretty* sure it’s mostly about ushering in the monopolistic singularity of American tech capitalism.

Anyway, where were we? Oh right, Facebook dating. It’s new. People have their doubts. But does it work?

Well, let’s see what a few early adopters have to say about it. (These contributions are all anonymous and as far as we know none are from bots/shills, but, take with a grain of salt.)

10. No regrets

Pro column: I

Source: Whisper

9. Hitting it off nicely

Pro column: II

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8. Blocked

Con column: I

Source: Whisper

7. Spooky stories to tell in the dark

Con column: II

Source: Whisper

6. Made in the shade

Pro column: III

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5. Crushing it

Pro column: IV

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4. It’s a thing

Con column: III

Source: Whisper

3. I’m just at that point

Con column: IV

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2. But where’s the punchline?

Con column: V

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1. A higher quality of people

Pro column: V

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So, from this random sampling, people with positive experiences and negative ones are pretty much tied. Try at your own risk?

Have you ever had any success with online dating?

Tell us about it in the comments.