Alright fellas, we need to talk about some things.

We’re gettin’ called out on Twitter and rightfully so. Don’t take this as a time to get all defensive and rev up for a fight, just listen for a minute, maybe laugh along a bit, and let’s all just try to make the world slightly better, starting with us, eh?

Here are a few things that have been brought to our attention.

13. Decisions, decisions

Don’t get mad at the symptoms before you’ve taken a second to understand the disease.

12. Reverse!

Not everybody needs you to save them. Get that bread.

11. Across state lines

Ok but for serious tho.

10. It’s fine, period

Honestly guys, grow up. Yeah human bodies are weird as heck but we all got ’em.

9. “Boys will be boys”

This is a cause I firmly believe in.

8. Oh come on

Learn to find solutions for both of ya’ll.

7. Braided together

Don’t pull this on people who work for you, leave them be.

6. Mansplain

It’s all fun and games until you devastate yourself like this.

5. Passing the bar

Are we just belittling for fun?

4. The shame game

Just don’t.

3. The double standard

All jokes aside it’s really sickening.

2. Just talking

I dunno man, what were you saying before?

1. Very mature

I never heard either but I get it.

There we go. That wasn’t so bad, huh? Now let’s try to be decent people…. if that’s even possible.

What might you add to this list of observations?

Tell us in the comments.