It’s ridiculous to think that just because you’re in a good relationship with someone that you’ll never find anyone else to be physically attractive. Obviously that’s that true, and we set ourselves up for some weird failure and disappointment if we expect it.

The question is – what do you DO about it. If the answer is “nothing,” then there’s literally nothing more to talk about. You have eyes, congratulations. But if the answer is “cheat” or even “ruminate and obsess and THINK about cheating all the time,” then you’ve got a problem.

That’s the problem these anonymous men have.

10. “I keep having dreams”

I dreamed a dream in times gone by…

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9. “I really want my gf’s friend!”

You say that like she’s a new car.

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8. “I won’t act on it”

Thank you for your input.

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7. “An extreme physical attraction”

Not a cheater ANYMORE, you say?

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6. “I’m scared”

Ok but what gives you the idea that she’s going to try something?

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5. “Several times”

Oh. Well. That’s gross.

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4. “Best friend”

Maybe not for too much longer though.

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3. “I fell in love”

*ghost whisper in that house* GET OUT….

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2. “The biggest crush”

Ever? Is it a world record holder?

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1. “An insane crush”

Just completely mentally unstable.

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Sometimes we just can’t control how we feel. We can control what we DO with those feelings, but boy will those stupid feelings try to screw us up in the meantime.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation like this?

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