Hotels are strange places in that they are simultaneously completely banal and the wildest experiences in the world.

Most of the time, you’re just a place for somebody to stay for a night or two because they gotta be in town for some conference or something.

Other times? You’re a pit for all the strangest depravity imaginable.

And the people who work in these unusual digs have definitely got stories to tell.

10. Go to the mattresses

Ok, but did he rip the tag off, because that’s illegal.

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9. Picture this

It wasn’t me.

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8. But why?

Stay away from drugs, kids. Or you might be this guy.

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7. It’s just a prank, bro

When it comes to these, how many is too many, do ya think?

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6. Talk about sore losers

“Their coach was literally screaming at them!!”

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5. The long goodbye

Imaging just showing up for your day job and this happens.

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4. The haunted room

It’s funny what a little suggestion can do to your brain.

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3. The last straw

It’s the return of the king.

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2. Stay casual

I mean sure, why else do you come to a Super 8?

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1. Too real

Plot twist: that’s just what they do for fun.

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I’m not sure I envy folks who work in these places. Best of luck to all of you, it sounds truly wild.

What’s your weirdest work story, wherever you make your money?

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