It’s easy to feel like a lot of the struggles for equality are behind us – but that’s largely an illusion.

Sure, things are better than they used to be for LGBTQ+ folks in general, but there are still major problems. For instance, it’s notoriously difficult to adopt for some people, with certain large religious adoption agencies outright denying anyone besides a straight married couple even the opportunity to try.

Combine that with the still-around stigma of being a single parent and you’ve got some experiences these anonymous women just needed to take to the internet to tell us about.

10. “Turns out…”

What a time to figure that out.

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9. “Much harder”

I’m sure you’re right.

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8. “Cool with me”

Come on y’all, be cool. Can’t we all just be cool?

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7. “I’ve been starting to question”

And once there, what do you do with that information?

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6. “One of the hardest things”

The buckle on that belt can get mighty nasty sometimes.

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5. “Finally starting to work out.”

Good for you!

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4. “So much harder”

We’re just gonna go ahead and level up in difficulty here.

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3. “Lesbian and single”

The struggle is real.

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2. “I think it’s time”

No time like the present.

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1. “Gonna end up staying alone”

To be fair, dogs are the best.

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Best of luck to you all out there. May you find the happiness you’re looking for.

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