There are a lot of misconceptions about polyamorous relationships out there – and that might be largely because how it works is going to vary from person to person, so any kind of generalization about them is doomed to be inaccurate.

So today we’re looking at a fairly specific demographic – people who engaged to be married, but still in a polyamorous relationship. How does that work out? What, if anything, are the wrinkles in that commitment?

Well it sure ain’t my place to tell ya. Let’s see what some anonymous contributors have to say about it.

10. “Looking for multiple partners”

For like a Scrabble night? Because I need some folks for a Scrabble night.

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9. “So much better”

This reminds me of that scene from Parks and Rec and I love it.

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8. “Engaged to a wonderful man”

“Can never find a girl who is serious”

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7. “But I hate his boyfriend”

I can feel some serious tension arising here.

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6. “But I’m afraid”

Judgement from parents is that ever-looming threat so many people labor under.

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5. “Never had this much fun”

Get out there and be wild.

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4. “I don’t know how to tell her”

It might come as a bit of a big reveal, that’s for sure.

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3. “The girlfriend of the man”

I had to read this like three times, I gotta confess.

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2. “I’ve exhausted every resource”

I assume you mean you’ve tried the internet, right? Cause like. Everything’s on the internet. Everything and everyone.

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1. “Yes, I’m engaged”

Not leaving is kind of the whole point.

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Whatever makes you happy!

Have you had experience with this sort of thing?

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