With tolerance and general social understanding of LGBTQ+ identities growing on average, it’s easy for some of us to think that the struggles for equality they face are a thing of the past – but they’re very much not.

Many kids still can’t even get comfortable coming out to their own families, for fear of disappointing them, or of being shunned, or even disowned / thrown out.

Here are a few perspectives from folks who just still have to keep things secret.

10. A funny feeling

Maybe they do know but they’re waiting for you to say it and now it’s just a staring contest?

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9. Oh, you don’t even know HOW cute

Let’s get in there and mix things up a little.

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8. Safety first

I appreciate the thought mom but that concern doesn’t rank very high.

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7. Bashing through

Wait ’till you find out one of those people is your own.

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6. Sad and lonely

It’s all good in here, too bad you can’t handle it.

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5. The video

Welp, he may well just find out quick.

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4. Sad about something

It’s a shame when you can’t share your burdens with family.

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3. Put ’em down

And I liked it.

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2. The slap

“And never will.”

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1. A football bat

Never heard that expression before but I kinda love it.

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To all the people out there who have to stay in the closet, we’re rooting for you.

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