A job as demanding as nursing is not for everyone. Long hours spent on your feet, overnights, dealing with sick patients and their families, can take a lot out of a person.

In a job where compassion is a requirement, some people who enter the field find themselves quickly realizing that maybe nursing isn’t for them.

Which is a thought doubtlessly roaming through the minds of the nurses who anonymously posted these confessions.

10. The nicknames

We all gotta blow off steam one way or another.

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9. The one two punch

I guess at least they’d be nearby medical care to cover their injuries?

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8. Jagged little pill

Could you at least wipe it off first?

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7. The brats

Nah, you’re not in the wrong here. Kids are the worst and we all know it.

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6. The cutie rule

This sounds like the start of a truly terrifying story.

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5. My goodness

Maybe find another field so you don’t spend your life hating yourself?

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4. Breathing room

Before you get fresh, remember the power that they hold over you.

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3. Curses

Well then. I’m officially horrified.

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2. The misplaced germaphobe

And how exactly did you find yourself in this position?

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1. The whining is the hardest part

It’s a pain overload, I suppose.

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Guess it just goes to show that if you can’t take the heat – you should probably leave whatever kitchen you find yourself in.

What job have you hated the most?

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