Are you an overthinker? If you had to think about that for more than a few seconds, congratulations, the answer is yes, and you’ll be in good company in this thread.

Overthinkers of reddit, What was it today?
byu/unluckypup inAskReddit

Weird how fast our minds can race on pretty much any subject. Let’s see what the overthinkers of Reddit have rattling around in their minds right now, shall we?

1.  Forgetting your life

I’ve really been thinking of how many moments of my life i forget, even though I don’t want to.

All those fun and important memories that I’ve had at the time that i’ll never know I had

– HeccinThiccBoi

2. Letting sleeping dogs lie

This morning my perfectly healthy dog was struggling to get out of bed, doing that thing that dogs with non-working back legs do. My brain went into overdrive.

Is this it? Cancer? Am I gonna lose my first ever dog?

Turns out her leg had fallen asleep. The little turd is totally fine!

– MotherOfBlackLabs

3. Tub thumpin’

I overanalyze most interactions and feel weird most of the time, so really what wasn’t it today is a better question.

I’m in the tub worrying about everything

– _manicpixie

4. Personal screw ups

I was a b**ch to somebody yesterday and I did not mean to be but it happened.

I can’t really take it back and it changed how they see me and other people were there and it changed how they see me too.

Now I am trying to decide if I feel worse about Being a b**ch or about people Thinking that I am a b**ch!!!

– barbiethebuilder

5. The annoyance cycle

I’ve been overthinking that my friends f**king hate me and how I’m really annoying and whatnot.

Then I wanted to reach out n be like hi have I been annoying or anything recently but I’m instead overthinking  about how that’ll just be annoying and make me sound clingy as f**k.


– nothought_headempty

6. Parental worries

I found out recently that my wife is pregnant with a little girl. Since then, my thoughts have been consumed with ideas about child-rearing.

“Omg how are we going to make sure she acquires language”

“Omg how are we going to childproof the house”

“Omg how are we going to make sure she goes into a long term viable career field”

– Secret_Bees

7. The candy bar confrontation

I bought a chocolate bar at the shop last night. Found it was sliced open so I had to return it.

Had to play through the discussion. Then… disaster! It got melted on the way back. Shopkeeper was convinced that the open pack was due to heat.

Changed the entire discussion. He swapped it for a good one.

– aerymor

8. Dr. Dolittle

I went to my former co-worker’s parent’s house to watch the dogs, cat and horses like I’ve done at least 5x and it makes me paranoid because sometimes I watch the brother’s dog and cat and sometimes I don’t…

I just don’t want the dog to starve, the cat is outside. I always have to clarify and I feel like they think I’m dumb but look, I just want to make sure.

Also this time there were no written directions specifically for me and new meds and only one type of hay for the horses.


– emptysee

9. The proposal

My boyfriend literally told me he wants to marry me. My thoughts:

“Maybe he feels rushed into it?”

“Have I talked so much about marriage that he feels obligated to propose?”

“Does he really love me?”

And mostly:

“why would anybody want to marry me????”

– the_better_boobytrap

10. Ghost stories

Today, it’s still the guy who ghosted me two days ago, and how he managed to make me feel completely safe with him, while most guys can’t show interest without scaring me off.

It’s interesting how that works and I’m not sure myself what I react to and not, as much of it is quite subtle.

– Random_silly_name

11. It’s in the game

I spent 8 hours changing the introduction text to an RPG I’m developing .

This is the 6th time I’ve went back to edit it. I’m 40% done with the game and I still have no idea how to start the game.

– BraveWaterSpirit

12. No respite here

Ironically, I have now started using Reddit to kill my overthinking. This is my first day around here, and I am enjoying every moment of it.

Also, I was one of the popular Indian Quora writer before I stopped writing regularly there. I like Reddit more because of the anon feature and people here are very supportive.

Hope I contribute more around here and stop with the overthinking that kills me every night ?

– No_Woodpecker259

13. Population explosion

The absolute f**k ton of people there are in the world. All the people you’ll ever meet are hardly even a fraction of the world. And every person you pass by has totally different experiences, opinions, and knows totally different people.

To think that even what would be considered a small population of 100k people is nearly impossible to visualize yet it’s only .001% of the world’s population. It’s insane.

This always pops in my head every few months or so

– Other_Cheek

14. Comment commentary

Should I have put those comments on Reddit because I was bored, no one will read them, if they do will they be taken the right way, why did I even comment anyway.

Hope someone comments on them. Hope nobody comments on them

– spacesentinel1

15. I’m sorry, “carriageway?”

Might I have got a speeding ticket on the way home from the dentist?

I was going 40mph on a dual carriageway and there was no sign but I saw a flash and my satnav said speed 30mph but it’s also out of date so now I have to agonize over whether I got a speeding flash or not and if so how bad it’ll be.

Literally going to overthink this for the next fortnight

– Spoopy_Sess

Personally, I can heavily identify with the one about thinking of all the people in the world. My great grandmother lived to be 95. Over the course of her ~single lifetime~ the global population increased almost 400%. Kinda terrifying.

Anyway, what are you overthinking today?

Tell us in the comments.