There’s a place on the internet for everything, and that place is Reddit.

Seriously, imagine something. Anything. (Anything legal anyway…)

There’s a place on Reddit for it. There’s even a whole subreddit where people gather to complain about drinks being served in things that aren’t cups.

And there are THOUSANDS of posts. Just look at these non-cups:

15. An ash tray

It’s hard to imagine something less appetizing.

This cocktail comes in an Ash Tray with a “Chocolate Cigar” straw…
by inwewantcups

14. A bag

This is impractical in every sense.

Cocktail in a bag. The color didn’t help
byu/Moztar55 inwewantcups

13. A pepper

Neutralizing the spice of the cup with the liquid it contains. Well done?

A cup of milk
byu/minareke inwewantcups

12. A mushroom

You are just the most hippy dippy person on the planet, aren’t you?

Portobello Mushroom Latte, Me
byu/TheTinyWenis incafe

11. A glass bat

The thing about these is that while they look huge, they’re really only the equivalent in volume of maybe 2 normal pints.

[deleted by user]
by inwewantcups

10. Eggs

It’s the most important meal of the day.

Jelly shots in eggs?
byu/cladinacape inwewantcups

9. A shoe

Sneaker culture has gone too far.

A shoe? You’ve officially carried it too far biddy.
byu/JRB_mk44 inwewantcups

8. An IV bag

Just preparing you for when this makes you feel sick.

A margarita served in an IV bag with a syringe full of jello shot.
byu/anziebananzie inwewantcups

7. A donut?

Looks delicious, impossible to consume.

Not even sure how to drink out of this thing? Maybe a straw?
byu/esseeayen inwewantcups

6. A doll head

What the heck kind of nonsense is this.

I love it when my drink is in a baby doll head
byu/gloomymin inwewantcups

5. A metal tray

Come get your slop, piggy.

$12 gin & tonic, 98% tonic. Straw cut with a knife because apparently I don’t deserve a whole straw.
byu/Radiodead31 inwewantcups

4. A light bulb

Whose bright idea was this?

Lemonade in a lightbulb?
byu/SBORBS inwewantcups

3. A bucket

Like the kind a kid builds a sand castle with.

[deleted by user]
by inwewantcups

2. A shell

Just the way nature intended?

Those aren’t chopsticks, they’re straws
byu/MonsieurEff inwewantcups

1. Another pepper

Why must people keep doing this?

no thanks
byu/Eldakan inwewantcups

You just keep doing your thing, Reddit. There’s nobody else like you out there.

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