There’s a place on the internet for everything, and that place is Reddit.

Seriously, imagine something. Anything. (Anything legal anyway…)

There’s a place on Reddit for it. There’s even a whole subreddit where people gather to complain about drinks being served in things that aren’t cups.

And there are THOUSANDS of posts. Just look at these non-cups:

15. An ash tray

It’s hard to imagine something less appetizing.

This cocktail comes in an Ash Tray with a "Chocolate Cigar" straw… from wewantcups

14. A bag

This is impractical in every sense.

Cocktail in a bag. The color didn’t help from wewantcups

13. A pepper

Neutralizing the spice of the cup with the liquid it contains. Well done?

A cup of milk from wewantcups

12. A mushroom

You are just the most hippy dippy person on the planet, aren’t you?

Portobello Mushroom Latte, Me from cafe

11. A glass bat

The thing about these is that while they look huge, they’re really only the equivalent in volume of maybe 2 normal pints.

Here’s one you can’t even set down from wewantcups

10. Eggs

It’s the most important meal of the day.

Jelly shots in eggs? from wewantcups

9. A shoe

Sneaker culture has gone too far.

A shoe? You’ve officially carried it too far biddy. from wewantcups

8. An IV bag

Just preparing you for when this makes you feel sick.

A margarita served in an IV bag with a syringe full of jello shot. from wewantcups

7. A donut?

Looks delicious, impossible to consume.

Not even sure how to drink out of this thing? Maybe a straw? from wewantcups

6. A doll head

What the heck kind of nonsense is this.

I love it when my drink is in a baby doll head from wewantcups

5. A metal tray

Come get your slop, piggy.

$12 gin & tonic, 98% tonic. Straw cut with a knife because apparently I don’t deserve a whole straw. from wewantcups

4. A light bulb

Whose bright idea was this?

Lemonade in a lightbulb? from wewantcups

3. A bucket

Like the kind a kid builds a sand castle with.

I see your bucket… and I raise you… a bucket! from wewantcups

2. A shell

Just the way nature intended?

Those aren’t chopsticks, they’re straws from wewantcups

1. Another pepper

Why must people keep doing this?

no thanks from wewantcups

You just keep doing your thing, Reddit. There’s nobody else like you out there.

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