I don’t know how to tell you this, but restaurants – places that deal exclusively in selling you things to eat and drink – keep putting liquids in things that aren’t cups.

I don’t know why this is. Nor do I know why it’s so prevalent. But it seems to be spreading. In fact, there’s an entire subreddit dedicated to it called r/wewantcups.

Don’t believe me? Just look at these abominations.

15. A waffle cone

Ok, this is probably the best one of the bunch. It’s basically just melted ice cream.

Hot chocolate in a waffle cone from wewantcups

14. A bowl

Well this feels like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Hot coffee… too hot to hold the bowl. We want cups!! (or at least a friggin handle) from wewantcups

13. A baby bottle

I’m sorry, this is the most demeaning thing I can imagine to do to your customers.

This baby bottle of creamer from wewantcups

12. Drawers

Look nice, very impractical.

A cocktail in two parts. Equally stupid. from wewantcups

11. A measuring cup

Suuuuure they didn’t run out.

Thought they’d run out of cups… nope, this is the drinking glass from wewantcups

10. Bathtub

This year’s hottest club is Duk.

Another bathtub, but with a ducky. from wewantcups

9. A raft

Ironically, you’re all gonna die now.

Cursed cocktail from wewantcups

8. Literally trash

Is that…is that sand on the rim?

Trashy drink from wewantcups

7. A to-go box

The probability of a leak seems extremely high here.

‘For Here or To Go’ from wewantcups

6. A bong?

Bruh how do you expect drunk people to deal with something like this?

I bring you… The Chambong from wewantcups

5. An avocado

Those dang millennials have struck again.

you knew this was coming from wewantcups

4. A shell (chipped)

We’re going on an adventure out to sea, boys.

A nice chipped shell to cut your lips with the cocktail 🙂 from wewantcups

3. A bag

How is one supposed to consume this?

My mojito just arrived in a plastic bag. In a small trolley. SMH from wewantcups


Monty Python would be very proud.

Saw a friend post this drink in a Spam container and was appalled. from wewantcups

1. Another bathtub

Just in time for Halloween.

Another bathtub, spooky edition from wewantcups

Write your congress representative to let them know that you. Want. Cups. Only we can make a difference.

What’s the weirdest restaurant you’ve ever been to?

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