Weddings are stupid expensive most of the time. Which is great, I guess, if you’re the sort of person who can afford to spend a ton of money on one event and not feel the impact of that spending on the other parts of your life.

But for the rest of us – modern weddings seem to be an endless tug of war between trying to create a large and memorable celebration and not absolutely emptying our bank accounts.

So what is one to do if they just don’t have the funds to stretch at all? Here are some insights and stories from those who pulled off their big day on the cheap.

10. Just elope

Sometimes it’s really more for them than it is for you.

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9. A “church” wedding

You just pulled off a religious formality, what are you gonna do now?!

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8. The test run

I get the sentiment but if you’re not sure you’ll “love each other enough,” maybe this is a bad idea?

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7. Tiny, cheap

Nothing beats a good old fashioned field party, just ask anybody who grew up in a painfully small town.

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6. Dried up

I’m not sure about this from the guest perspective.
Attending a wedding can be a lot of trouble, most guests kinda expect they’ll be able to have a drink and party a little.

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5. No wedding, please

We don’t need that kinda proof around here, thank you.

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4. What a deal

Now that’s a pretty steep discount.

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3. Can’t afford it

Will we regret these things? We really can’t know.

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2. Small, casual, inexpensive

Judge not lest ye be judged.

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1. Just happy to be getting married

That’s what it’s really about anyway, right?

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Love is love is love. The day you start throwing money in that equation, you might be in trouble.

How do you feel about wedding spending?

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