If you’ve been paying attention to, I don’t know, literally anything happening in the world lately, you might find yourself just a *teeny tiny bit* filled with unquenchable rage.

But never fear, there are outlets for that.

What are some productive ways to let your anger out?
byu/Lornadoh inAskReddit

Let’s see how Reddit recommends we get out the mad.

1. Exercise!

I have PTSD and have lived with anger and anger issues for most of my life. For me, nothing beats exercise. I like to lift weights. It completely takes the edge off. Heavy bag work is good for cardio and anger abatement. Yoga is great for both exercise and meditation.

There is no one exercise type that is right for everyone. Try different things until you find one that you will do consistently. It could be running, swimming, lifting, yoga, martial arts, etc. Figure out what works best for you.

Also, consider your diet. I found that some foods messed with my stomach. This in turn messed with my head, which brought out the anger. Over time I have eliminated various foods from my diet and it has really helped.

Finally, get your sleep dialed in. Try to get 8 hours a night. If possible, the same 8 hours. I go to bed around 12am and get up around 8am. Being consistent has been huge for me.

It may seem like a lot, but once you get into a constructive, healthy lifestyle, your mood will improve, your anger will be manageable, and your general quality of life will improve.

– JackFunk

2. Dragon Breath!

A rather uncommon and odd one that I often use is silent screaming (or Dragon Breath as I like to call it).

I simply press my face deep into a pillow and blow air out from my lungs with my mouth wide open, but without using the muscles to move my vocal cords. So I get the energy release of screaming very loud, without actually screaming.

This can work very well if you’re mad at something or someone. Just visualize said cause of anger while you do this.

I personally find once the energy is out, I’m no longer angry.

– TheeBlackBird71

3. Find your thing!

It very much depends on the person.

Some people just need alone time, some people need distraction, some people need to climb a mountain and scream.

Try them all out until one clicks

– TheseConversations

4. Duke it out in your head!

I like to have a full on imaginary argument with whoever I am angry with in the shower.

I win the argument of course – I keep my cool and have all the perfect comebacks and the person is left shattered. So satisfying.

– whimsythings

5. Take a breath!


BREATHE. (Close your eyes if possible)


Count slowly until you can rational think again.

You can’t always get to a punching bag, or a pillow. Sometimes you’ll find yourself needing to deal with that anger while in a conversation, in a public place, in front of impressionable people, etc.

I’m guessing you may be asking for yourself or for someone you know rather than genuine curiosity.

people may look at you funny, but you’ll look even more ridiculous yelling, hitting something, or breaking something.

The goal is to get past the anger so you can actually think and solve the issue that’s causing the anger.

If you tend to see red, have a short fuse, or embarrassment turns into anger, breathing and counting can really turn things around.

To help facilitate this, practice breathing techniques whenever you’re mindful of it.

There are many attributing factors to anger, so it’s not a blanket fix. The goal is to slow the body’s physical reaction, and regain your ability to THINK and therefore function.

I’m still working to overcome my own issues, and these techniques help.

Also never be afraid to reach out to someone or write down your feelings when they come to mind.

Good luck !

– JustABoyAndHisBlob

6. Shift your focus!

Not focus on your anger and doing something that makes you feel a different emotion.

The more you stay angry, the more you reinforce the feeling. Obviously there are times where you should be angry, but I think we’re talking about when you’re done being angry.

Comedy is good, creativity, dancing, I tend to clean when I’m angry.

– mad_fishmonger

7. Write it out!

Writing is a very good alternative for many, whether in a journal (which of course needs to be secured) or in the form of “Dear Diary” rants or “letters” to the offending party/parties.

Access to a fireplace, fire pit, or shredder is also handy.

Write it, read it, sleep on it, read it again, burn it, and move on.

– Midas_Artflower

8. Garden!


Hear me out.

Not watering cans and picking berries, but digging a 3’ hole to plant a shrub, cutting down an invasive vine, filling up a green bin with 200lbs of clippings.

My yard has never looked better than right now. Which is both good and bad.

– swagnersf

9. Break stuff with permission!

Oh yeah so it’s these places where it’s part bar to buy drinks and part stress reliever where you pay to be placed in an enclosed area and just go ape s**t and break everything in that room

– Rando_Cruzzer

10. Break a bottle!

Break a bottle in a thick double layered plastic bag with a hammer/mallet(be careful, wear goggles/gloves).

Really feeling mad?

Put six. Go to town. Let it out.

Then stop. Breath. Say I’m better than this. You’re a good person.

Then get a broom and sweep it up.

If anyone asks, just tell them you love them and ask for a hug. They’ll get it.

– westerngermany

11. Stress sock!

I have a “stress sock.” Every time someone makes me angry at work (high stress job) I knit a row.

Eventually, I have a sock and feel like I channeled my anger into something productive.

That or I go for a walk. Just get up from my desk and walk.

– SherLochNessMonster

12. Hike!

Go on a hike uphill and walk really fast whenever you have the urge to blow a fuse.

On the way and at the end you’ll have some kind of nice view to enjoy.

Plus you would have gotten that much more in shape.


– CrunchyJeans

13. Talk!

Gotta talk it out eventually. Call a friend or someone you can confide and tell them all about what’s got you angry.

Exercise, drums, whacking a tree with a stick, screaming in the woods, all these things release energy which is good.

But if that thing you’re angry about is a recurring thing, you must resolve it through talking.

No matter what, remember, it’s a ok to feel angry.

It’s a legitimate emotion. Just do your best not to dump it on anyone.

(Venting to a friend about it isn’t dumping, because you’re not directing the anger at them.)

– PatToole

14. Destroy!

Destroying something.

I once did this with an old bench that I was reducing for firewood anyway and I felt so much better afterward.

But if you don’t have something like that, using sticks in a thicket of trees works great.

– spaloof

15. WRITE!

Writing it out: I like to write out my angry rants with as many cathartic expletives as I need.

I write it with the intention of showing it to someone, then delete it or leave it unsent.

Taking the time to think it through and write it down usually helps me calm down

– RandomPerson004

These suggestions are good! So good theY MAKE ME ANGRY!

What suggestions would you give?

Tell us in the comments.