Wanna hear my favorite joke of all time for some reason?

Guy walks into a doctor’s office with carrots in his nose and celery coming out of his ears.

He says “Doctor, what’s wrong with me?”

Doctor looks him over and says, “Well first of all, you’re not eating right.”

Now wanna hear something that’s surprisingly not a joke? People develop crushes on their doctors. Like kind of a lot. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Just listen to these real anonymous confessions.

10. Your move

What would that even look like in this situation?

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9. The age differential

Bold of you to put his actual name in there.

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8. What would he think?

He’d probably be confused and hope this means he gets candy more often.

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7. Paging the good doctor…

I guess the question is how old are YOU?

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6. Gotta love it

That you do, friend. That you absolutely do.

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5. De crush

At first I read that as “any ideas on how to crush him?” and got a little concerned.

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4. Nothing will happen

Eh, ya never know.

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3. The small crush

Doesn’t sound like it’s all that small then, is it?

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2. Take my breath away

And then give it back to me via ventilator if necessary.

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1. The attraction

Sometimes it’s just way too big to ignore.

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I guess I didn’t realize just how common this is. Doctors are hot, it turns out. And that’s no joke.

Have you ever had a crush you felt was inappropriate?

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