If you’re wondering how well America’s general policy on anatomical and sexual education is going, it’s not great.

It turns out that telling kids “DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING, DON’T THINK ABOUT STUFF, YOUR BODY IS GROSS” doesn’t actually help us know things about ourselves.

This is never more evident than when people (usually guys) take to the internet to proudly proclaim in a variety of creative ways, “I know nothing about female anatomy.”

Get ready to cringe.

14. “Y’all don’t shower with y’all pads on?”

Believe it or not there’s such a thing as nudity.

Can you imagine?
byu/LakshmiShanti inbadwomensanatomy

13. “Re-virginized”

Virginity is just a concept and it has no more power than you choose to give it, stop worrying.

i’m not sure if this has been posted before, but i found this on r/insanepeoplefacebook
byu/reluvs inbadwomensanatomy

12. “As a guy…”

Let me stop you right there.

Menstrual pain is a myth!
byu/mei-xiao inbadwomensanatomy

11. “I’m a medical doctor”

Well they said so right there on the internet so it must be true.

Ah yes, because a medical doctor totally calls their patients “sluts who could nearly trip over their sagging pussy lip”….
by inbadwomensanatomy

10. “Though you do talk out of there.”

Good lord, dude.

I just…. I just can’t.
byu/allrightmaam inbadwomensanatomy

9. “We have it somewhere else.”

My guy, please tell me you don’t actually think you’ve been making milk all these years.

wOmEn CaNt bE sHiRtLeSs MiLk wOuLD lEaK
byu/weebishscumlet inbadwomensanatomy

8. “Can’t get my head around that.”

It’s not a baby, friend. It’s kind of the opposite.

….uh no
byu/je_suis_un_negre inbadwomensanatomy

7. “No conclusive physiological evidence of it.”

Kyle, this might not be something about yourself that you want to advertise.

Kyle, Kyle, Kyle
byu/insert1user2name3 inbadwomensanatomy

6. “Or do you just let it grow out?”

I’m gonna be sick.

I’ve never crossed my legs so fast in my life
byu/raucouscaucus7756 inbadwomensanatomy

5. “There’s legit science out there.”

There is, and this ain’t it.

Now I’m no expert, but Im pretty sure this ain’t how you girls work
byu/osamapyjamas inbadwomensanatomy

4. “Woman should be more thankful!”

I think if this were true then our armies would be staffed entirely by women on their periods, impervious to injury.

I mean I wish?
byu/pumpkinthighs inbadwomensanatomy

3. “I can’t find a source but I know…”

You can just *feel* this truth in your heart, ya dig?

Also bad mens anatomy
byu/DarthDesmond inbadwomensanatomy

2. “The DNA of those men in her brain.”

That’s not how this works. That’s not how anything works.

Jeez, I hate when man DNA gets into my brain
byu/moxiecalc inbadwomensanatomy

1. “A sign of bad health.”

It’s just something you personally aren’t used to seeing. There’s nothing unhealthy about it.

I….. I don’t think that’s how that works
by inbadwomensanatomy

Yikes on bikes, my dudes. I don’t even know what to say to y’all. Go to time out.

What’s the cringiest thing you’ve heard lately?

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