Relationships come and relationships go. The reasons they end are as varied as humans themselves, and they range from the banal to the horrifying to the inexplicable.

But sometimes, the reasons they come to an end just seem…well, dumb. Minor. Inconsequential. The sort of reasoning that makes you think “This probably isn’t actually the root of it. If you truly had a strong connection with this person, something this small wouldn’t scare you off. Perhaps this was just a convenient, if silly, excuse.”

In any case, these ten examples of real break up rationales are truly something to behold.

10. Gotta go!

Well then clearly the feeling was not mutual.

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9. Quotable moments

This reminds me of the character Abed from Community.

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8. Brace yourself

Love is pain, darling, love is pain.

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7. The car’s the thing

Yeah, this breed of guy definitely exists and personally I’ve never understood it.
At the end of the day a car is just a thing that gets you from A to B.

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6. A brush with destiny

I can’t really throw rocks on this one. I’m not great about this consistency.

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5. Twin powers activate!

Sounds like they grew up with maybe a little too heavy of a connection.

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4. How annoying!

No one should do this! Ever! It gets so tiring!

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3. Something to smile about


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2. Don’t sweat it

The curse of the naturally soaking.

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1. Bed bad

Sexual health ain’t no laughing matter.

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Ok, I’ll admit, some of those are big enough to be a good reason on their own.

Have you ever had a breakup for a weird reason?

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