My parents never had a lot of money growing up, though we did fine.

I remember the first time we went to a restaurant that had cloth napkins and being kind of confused about it. On the other hand, we eventually installed a jacuzzi tub in an extra bathroom downstairs that got used maybe 5 times ever, so I’m not really sure how to gauge where we were financially.

No matter how much money you have or don’t have, though, some parents are outright determined to be as frugal, to put it kindly, or cheap, to put it less kindly, as possible, much to the chagrin of their financially oblivious children.

Here are a few case studies in just that.

10. The Humane Society

Hey man, animals are animals.

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9. If you can’t take the heat

How do you have the money to build an entire house but not enough funds for a little climate control?

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8. Ultra strength

That seems a bit…unsanitary.

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7. Worm is the word

Did the neighbors know about this?

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6. If it’s yellow, leave it mellow

Having rented my entire adult life, I honestly have no idea what water bills actually cost.

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5. Paper the town

Wouldn’t they just kinda…fall apart if you got them wet?

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4. Rain water

That sounds cold af.

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3. Piddle puddles

Um. I don’t think that’s “wasting” them. I think that’s using them for exactly their intended purpose.

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2. Work it out

Better hope they’ve been thoroughly washed.

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1. Can’t spare the expense

“She vacations monthly though.”

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I’m honestly pretty poor and I can’t imagine pinching pennies in quite those ways.

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