There are few things in this life better than having a truly good friend at your side.

But how can you tell when it’s the real thing? Maybe Reddit can help.

What are some of the “green flags” of a true freindship?
byu/TheGingerGlasses inAskReddit

Here are some sure-fire signs to look out for.

1. Text first

They text you first when they don’t want anything.

– SilasDeane76

2. Protection

My friend once told me ” I Won’t let anyone hurt you man, even yourself” while helping me get off drugs.

That always rang out as a true friend thing to say to someone.

– Generalkrunk

3. No judgement

When they don’t judge you for things you can’t control. In high school, I had a sleepover, we all slept in the same bed, like normal.

I’d recently started some new medication. Turns out, a side effect was bedwetting.

They never told anyone. They never judged me. They helped me change the sheets. I’m still friends with those girls.

– SheketBevakaSTFU

4. Nothing and everything

When you can talk about nothing and talk about deep things.

Lots of friends only have one or the other.

– kraftykitten

5. Confidence

When you don’t have to talk 24/7 to know that you’re there for each other no matter what.

And when you do see/talk to each other again, it’s like no time has passed at all – you just have more stories to tell.

– ridiculoys

6. Hang time

“wanna hang out” then you don’t hang out and neither of you mind and then you hang out next week

– JAdamsidk123

7. The reverse

They’ll make fun of you to your face and defend you behind your back.

– Duluthian378181

8. The night life

When its 3am, you KNOW its 3am, NEITHER OF YOU ARE HIGH, and yet you’ve both been chortling at something that was said at 10:30…

– RedditGremlin13

9. Always welcome

When they can walk into your house unannounced and be welcomed in like a blood brother who’s come back after being away for the weekend

– jorph

10. Pick me up

You’ve both picked each other up or dropped each other at the airport at some ungodly hour and still enjoyed the drive.

– findingthescore

11. Silence is golden

Not needing to talk all the time or hang out regularly to justify having a solid friendship.

– themarajade1

12. It’s all convenient

They don’t mind being “inconvenienced” by you (in other words they don’t mind helping you/ being there for you)

– Jazz_Xyz

13. Feeling seen

When you can recognize someone’s mood without them telling you that they are upset.

– Oreo-and-Fly

14. Just to vent

I think the best thing I’ve heard from one of the few friends I’ve had is when I was having a real sh*t day and they asked if I wanted advice, just to vent, or needed a distraction.

The intention that day had been to help paint some walls in her house. She was perfectly fine with me hanging out and chatting, curled up in a blanket on the couch, while she painted her own walls and then we ordered takeout.

The sh*t was bad, but the day wound up pretty good.

– ElectronicFerret

15. Hmm…

One of my friends understands pretty much exactly what me going “hmm” at different lengths and pitches means.

– Trans-Trash-0310

If you’ve got yourself a friend that fits any of those descriptions, hang on to ’em.

What else would you add to this list?

Tell us in the comments.