My fellow straight guys, are you feeling a little insecure?

Then this Reddit thread might just be able to put your minds at ease.

Women of Reddit, what common insecurities do men have about their bodies that women don’t actually care about?
byu/GorillaS0up inAskReddit

What can we maybe stop worrying about so much? Let’s find out.

1. Extreme stamina

No one wants to f*ck for 8 hours.

It’s fine.

– TokenBlackGirlfriend

2. The best

Being the best. Smartest, toughest, funniest.

It’s better to be individual with your niche interests, looks, sense of humour rather than try to be the brightest.

Also, it’s more attractive to acknowledge the success of your friends than to talk about their shortcomings.

– fkiziey1

3. Doesn’t matter who finishes first, as long as you both finish

Men always apologize if they c*m early on while having sex, but it’s really not a problem so long as they bring the woman to completion in some way afterwards.

Ain’t nothing wrong with a second round or some selfless hard work.

– luminous_illusions

4. You do you

Dont worry about coming off as nerdy or brainy- ffs plz think for yourself and ENJOY your hobbies.

We actually dig someone with passion and honestly being able to hold conversation with depth is delicious.

Extra points on sarcasm, wit and humor.

– goddessofwitches

5. Be flawed

Being awkward sometimes or doing something embarrassing.

I somehow find this more appealing than guys who never seem embarrassed or are extremely confident.

– Zekumi

6. Make it so


There are plenty of hot men that are bald.

– TastyLemonC*nt123

7. That’s a stretch

Honestly the same ones as women most of the times.

Such as stretch marks and scars. I couldn’t care less. I have em also.

Oatmeal cream pies have stretch marks and no one turns them down!

– ariluvxoxo

8. Have emotions

Showing their emotions.

Turns out a lot of guys can’t even cry, because at a young age males are told “boys don’t cry” “man up”

– Co11eenxx

9. The voice

My ex hated his voice, he thought it was too high.

I don’t even notice voice pitches. But he let it put a fake divide between us which is why we broke up.


– FuzzyOwlFeet

10. A belly

Excess weight.

Of course, we are not talking about the final stage of obesity, when the weight prevents the guy from functioning normally, but 10-15 kg (sorry, I can not correctly translate into pounds).

Big men with excess weight seem to me like big bears, behind which you want to hide and snuggle tightly.

– Siberia_Veronika

11. Nose knows

A big nose. I personally like that!

– SuperflyandApplePie

12. Treat her like a person

Being treated like a lady =/= being treated like a person: it is always a pleasant surprise to be spoken to by men as an equal and not have a barrier up where you’re scared th- to be teased/bantered, to not be afraid to mention bodily functions – by all means avoid farting in the same room as me for the first few dates but I’ve met a lot of men who kinda act like being yourself will put me off?

Often feel like I’m being treated like women are a seperate species and my Fiancé did not do that which did a lot to put me at ease. Date 2, I was sat on the edge of his bed admiring his sword collection and arguing about which faction is the best on World of Warcraft, none of this opening my car door and kissing my hand BS lol

– Good3itch

13. Bein’ broke

I hate when a guy, who’s clearly broke to the bone wants to take me out to dinner or buy me something to impress me.

I once went out with I guy and I could see in eyes that he was doing mental math… needlessly to say, I took the cheapest everything and ended our suffering.

Guys, it is okay if you don’t have money atm, as long as you are working/studying and is a hardworking individual with a good personality.

STOP trying to impress. Let’s just buy a bag of cheetos, sit on the sofa and watch a stupid movie. It’ll be okay.

– DemiNoPipoka

14. The skinny

Being skinny.

My husband is thin and thinks it makes him look unattractive but I love it. I don’t like the body type that is super muscle bound because it makes me think some guys are smuggling water balloons under their skin.

I much prefer the very slender form where the different parts of the body flow organically and smoothly into each other. Each person is going to have a different preference so don’t be self conscious if you don’t look like a bodybuilder. There are women and lgbtq guys that like everything across the spectrum.

– skundrik

15. It’s all relative

To me it seems like in general, straight guys just have no idea what is physically attractive in men to women, or just how varied that can be.

They just see whatever celebrity is currently all over the media and assume that’s what women want.

But we don’t all find the same exact guys hot or have the same ideals, and sometimes we even disagree strongly about it.

My point is, if you’re not a certain “type” it probably doesn’t matter, you’re still someone’s type. And also personality really really does count for a lot.

– dark_blue_7

So take a deep breath. Relax. It’s all good.

What would you add to this list, for men, women, or anyone?

Tell us in the comments.